– It could be a nutritional deficiency, Communication: What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You. Many horse owners feed grass hay or straight alfalfa or a combination of grass and alfalfa to their horses. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. High-quality hay should be green and sweet smelling, with no traces of mold or excess dust. Kentucky bluegrass, orchardgrass and timothy are all examples of common grasses used for hay. It must be harvested before the seed heads start to form for maximum palatability and nutrient levels. Orchardgrass hay is known for being easy to cut in almost any season. Once you’ve established that it’s of good quality, it’s time to consider your choices. Since it’s less nutrient-dense than legume hay, horses have to eat more grass hay to fill their bellies, which makes grass hay a good tool for keeping a stall-bound horse … Bermuda hay for horses is a common warm-season grass hay in the South of the United States. This grass has a wide range of adaptation and is used as … The best hay for horses depends entirely on the horse. A mixed bale (or feeding a flake from each type of bale) provides medium energy and protein counts, adds relatively high (compared with solely grass hay) calcium, and a more appropriate calcium-to-phosphorus ratio than straight alfalfa. Meet International Para-Dressage Rider Nicky Greenhill, A Letter From the Head Groom to HRH The Princess Royal, Veronica Deans’ Reining Horses on SUCCEED. Call or text. Leaves contain more nonstructural (digestible) … A grass-legume hay is recommended for most horses; however, hay can vary widely in nutrient compositions. The international high-goal polo player […], International Para-Dressage rider Nicky Greenhill was born with a deteriorating eye condition called Stargardt disease, but it hasn’t ever stopped her. Timothy hay is the most digestible of all hays and is one of the most popular hay feeds for horses. However, a lot of horses do just fine on quality 1st cutting hay. Triple Crown Premium Grass Forage offers horse owners the perfect remedy for poor-to-average quality equine hay. Horse Pasture Grass Seed Mix in Non GMO This is an excellent pasture mix that some have used for hay as well. Timothy grass hay is very popular, but there are many other options available. Indiangrass – a native perennial that grows in dense tufts and can reach a height of ten feet. Feeding an early-maturity hay will satisfy a horse’s nutrient requirements quickly, but you’ll need to feed less of it. No rain, horse quality hay. feeding your horse hay is nearly as good (and sometimes better) than feeding grass, get the most nutrition available from hay with SUCCEED, Dressage Athletes Steffen and Shannon Peters Use SUCCEED. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Your primary goal in selecting hay for your horse should be meeting his specific energy needs. SUCCEED Patents. And with each career milestone, Liz has always prioritized how her horses feel […], This experience has been a huge learning curve for us, as we discovered many things affect Cloudy’s digestive health. Grass type horse hays have a lower nutritional value than legumes, but are considered ‘safe’ hays, because it is harder for a horse to over eat or have a reaction to grass hay. Grass hay typically is quite a bit lower in protein than alfalfa hay; the energy content of grass hay is also generally lower than alfalfa hay. Each bag will cover one acre with quality grazing grass seed. From a nutritional angle, orchardgrass can be a worthwhile component in almost any horse-feeding … While horses fed timothy grass hay had the highest voluntary dry matter intake, horses consumed the warm-season grass hays at intakes that met or exceeded those necessary to maintain body weight. Grasses you’re likely familiar with include orchardgrass, timothy, … Help maintain your horse’s optimal digestive health and get the most nutrition available from hay with SUCCEED. Horse Hay $160 (hln > Winston) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Watch your horse’s condition and for signs of weight loss. Horse owners determine quality of hay by: freedom from dust, green in colour, freedom from weeds and being able to recognize timothy spikes. Like any other preserved forage, the quality of orchardgrass hay depends on multiple factors, primary of which are cultivation and harvesting techniques. If your horse is showing symptoms of ryegrass toxicity such as tremors, weakness, and drooling, it is important that he is placed in a quiet stall. Horses can do well on grass or alfalfa (or other legume) hay. Hay can be long-stemmed in hay bales, or come bagged in cubes, or pellets. Early spring, winter, and fall may slow grass growth and make the grass less than optimum for your horse. Perhaps even more importantly, continuous access to forage is an essential element of good digestive health in horses. Hay Stacking. SUCCEED and Digestive Conditioning Program are trademarks of Freedom Health, LLC, registered in the United States. Premium hay mixtures designed with improved varieties to produce the very best hay for your operation. And sure — it’d be nice to have access to green pastures year-round, but feeding your horse hay is nearly as good (and sometimes better) than feeding grass. “My favorite part about managing Arroyo Del Mar is caring for our horses. With that in mind, start by feeding 1.5-2.5% of the horse’s total body weight per day in hay alone. $210 a ton. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Learn More. Good color with minimal brown leaf. Bluegrass - is very nutritious perennial. Be prepared to supplement with hay and possibly concentrates. Round Bales Grass/Hay Organic Dry Land CRP 2020 Harvest $110 (gtf > Shelby) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Teff is a warm-season annual grass that is now being grown in many regions of North America for livestock and by commercial hay producers who want a fast-growing, high-yielding crop with good forage quality. 28606 132nd Ave SE While grass hay is lower in protein and calcium it is still a great source of feed for most horses. Long stem hay is the traditional baled hay… Another popular grass hay is orchard grass hay. While oat grains can be detrimental to some horses, oat grass hay is an entirely different story. It’s our priority to make sure that we’re doing our best for the horses, every day,” Shannon says. Leafiness . © 2020. Sweetwater Nutrition Inc. Reber Ranch is your hay, straw and horse feed supplier in the Kent, Federal Way, Auburn and Covington areas. It’s convenient to feed, helps your horse maintain a healthier digestive system, and can help keep him happy and occupied if he does have to be stall-bound. It can also handle traffic and can be used for erosion control in hilly pastures. Nicky holds numerous national and international titles, including her recent silver medal at the […], Grand Prix dressage rider Liz Austin is a two-time national champion who’s had her feet in the stirrups for quite some time. Emails dont always come thru. Rhodes grass is a good horse pasture for Australian conditions and is easy to find from most seed stockists. Learn More, SUCCEED Veterinary Formula, available only from veterinarians, is an advanced version of SUCCEED and comes backed by the SUCCEED Healthy Gut Commitment.