This pod offers the convenience that Keurigs are known for but with limitless options of what coffee you want to drink. A chocolaty aroma gives way to a flavor profile that tastes like baker's chocolate and toasted grains. We bought and... We researched dozens of the best pour over coffee makers... Are you on a first name basis with the local barista? From roast profile and taste to the aroma, you can see at a glance which floats your boat. My love of coffee started years ago. It's time to find the Best Keurig Coffee Pods. 9th Lavazza Nescafe and ALDI Expressi were equally rated the best brands for coffee pods in Canstar Blue’s 2020 ratings. Review the top rated Coffee Pods for Dec 2020 based on 124300 consumer reviews. While K-Cup pods undeniably have all these benefits and more, how about the downside? While we’re partial to a coffee or two, we also understand the wisdom of moderation so we took our time and invited all our team to participate. Pod coffee makers are simple to use and can produce a hot cup of your favorite coffee in under a minute. The flavors are dark but not overly so. For those uninterested in that, fear not; these pods are simply unadulterated coffee. The name comes from the chili peppers present in this coffee, a wonderful touch that’s not as intimidating as it sounds. The sampler pack works well if you’re not sure what to choose or if you have a larger family where everyone has different preferences. 8th Starbucks by Nespresso 8. Where many nut-infused blends go totally over the top causing an overload of flavor that dominates the coffee, Eight O’Clock uses a light touch while still giving you the nuttiness you’re hankering after. Typically when we think of a breakfast blend, we imagine a light-bodied cup of coffee with an enlivening amount of brightness. Although it is one of the darker roasts we sampled, it was one of the few dark roasts that didn't come across as burnt. Each pod we tried had an evident and enjoyable level of brightness that carried into a subtle and pleasant citrusy finish. What we found was a bitter and ashy tasting brew. Good quality coffee strikes a balance between flavor, aroma, acidity, and body. You’ll get a full flavor named for the founder of Peet’s Coffee who was described as the big bang of the craft coffee vertical. This makes for a supremely easy coffee-making process, with next-to-no-chance of the drink coming out horribly wrong. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific product reviews. Amazon's Solimo pods are a good bargain for a tasty cup. As with all Eight O’Clock blends, this is certified Kosher and free of all additives and preservatives for an all-natural experience. As a Nespresso user, find out which is the best compatible pod on the market, given their key differences. Arondio: A mix of medium roast Colombian Arabicas and Guatemalan Robusta provides a mild cereal flavor. There’s no need to compromise with this decaffeinated French roast and it was one of the favorite coffees we tasted during testing. We do not specifically market to children under 13. For lipsmacking taste and a delectable aroma, this is out standout choice for the best K-Cup pods. Advantages and Drawbacks of K-Cup Pods, The Percolator: A Retro Choice for Brewing Coffee, The Different Types of Coffee Makers and How to Use Them, The Best Instant Coffee: Review and Breakdown. Although a medium roast, you’ll get the strength and depth of flavor you’d normally associate with a darker roast. A dark roast, this French coffee is not for the faint-hearted. A medium roast, you’ll get no harshness or bitterness but instead a smooth and impeccably balanced coffee ideal for drinking at any time of day. As you’d expect from Puck, the coffee beans used are of the very highest standard. By Danielle St. Pierre. The nutty aroma and flavors of green pepper and coriander are well-matched by the medium levels of brightness and mild acidity. Choose from a range of sizes from 72 capsules to a jumbo bundle of 360 for economy and convenience combined. Mild acidity and light body leave you with a well-balanced coffee that is perfect for your first cup of the day. Overall the cups we brewed had low acidity, a medium body, and tasted well balanced. Compare it, though, to a daily visit to the coffee shop and it soon seems like a veritable bargain. Feb 13, 2018 Let's face it: Some single-serving coffee pod flavors tend to have a bit of a bad rep because they can sometimes taste watered-down, over-roasted, or even bitter. For the Best Coffee Pod Box, our team of coffee experts will curate the best possible coffee capsules available. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Starbucks pod was incredibly watery for how dark its flavors were. Efficiency and convenience of use. In the words of Caribou, this blend is “smooth and classic.” We have to agree that’s a pretty accurate description. The simple way to create barista-quality coffee at home. GearLab is reader-supported. This is by some distance our preferred decaf K-Cup pod from a roaster you can rely on. For anyone seeking a rich and smoky start to the day, you can achieve a first-class coffee with push-button convenience if you invest in a pack of 96 pods. Fortado: Intense, rich, and full-bodied with an unmistakable touch of bitter cocoa and oak wood. No more long lines at the coffee shop. These receptors on your tongue, combined with retronasal olfaction — another way to say how things smell when inside your mouth — determine how your brain perceives flavor. One downside is that the metal filter lets some sediment slip through and end up in your cup. Flavors are not too overwhelmingly dark, nor do they stray too far the other direction with over the top brightness. If your tired of watching your waste bin stack up with empty pods, the Fill N Save Reusable K Cup is a great reusable option that won't immediately end up in the landfill. Today I still enjoy learning new ways to prepare tea, coffee and espresso. Flavor: 3/10. Another wise move is to buy yourself a starter pack of multiple tester capsules so you don’t need to commit to a full box only to find the roast profile or flavor is not to your liking. This is one of those bundles where it’s safe to say there’s something for absolutely everyone. Both of these options are much smaller in volume than a standard American cup of coffee, so if you prefer a hefty cup that you can nurse all morning long, you might opt for a Keurig instead. Flavor-wise, you’ll be able to discern a nuttiness running underneath but you won’t find the taste too cloying. As with most of the best K-Cup coffee pods, these capsules work in all Keurig machines including 2.0 models. A nice complement to the original flavor profile and carrying a pleasant level of brightness all the way through, we couldn't find much to complain about. A coffee for connoisseurs rather than beginners, go Tully’s and you won’t look back. Buying guide for best pod coffee makers. The only redeeming quality was the slight amount of pleasant brightness it offered before sharply leaving your tongue with an ashy aftertaste. Another factor we took into account was how well the aroma added to or detracted from the perceived taste. For those looking for a truly dark roast, this pod might miss the mark. Full-bodied without being too extreme, you’ll get a taste sensation and a pleasant scent of mixed fruits. We have been visiting and reviewing the finest speciality cafés in the world since 2012 and working closely with coffee roasters and speciality coffee capsules pioneers for years. Rapidfire Rapid Fire - The Best Keto K Cup. Settings can be customized according to taste , so the strength and heat level deliver a flawless cup every time. Certified Kosher and sourced ethically, you can do your part for the local growers by placing your trust in Green Mountain. 100% ARABICA COFFEE: Pellini Top espresso pods contain an exclusive espresso coffee recipe with a refined aroma, sweet and delicate flavor; Standard ESE Pods: We’ve made our coffee ESE pods compatible for complete convenience. The aromas produced by different coffees are largely determined by the different chemical compounds found in the green beans. The Death Wish pods had a strong uptick in brightness in the middle of the sip that was followed by a bitter and drying finish that left the tasters confused. Coffee drinkers often fall into two polarized camps, those who prefer light roasts and those who like it as dark as can be. After researching 25 of the most popular and hopefully delicious coffee pods on the market, we took a closer look at 16 of the most promising options. We found that the pod version fell short. If you don't want to choose, some coffee machines work with both types of pod. Upon brewing a cup, we immediately noticed a roasted, boarding on burnt aroma that on our first sip led us to a woody flavor profile that had notes of toasted barley. Our highest scoring coffees for flavor were the Nespresso pods and then the Bulletproof pods, where we found notes of dark chocolate and cedar. If you fall into the latter group, this coffee pod may disappoint. The next highest scoring pods was the Laughing Man Ethiopia, which tasted like caramel and graham crackers. The Donut Shop Medium Roast has low acidity, which was a great complement to the rich flavor profile it has. See Also: Top 10 Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers. We didn't find any of those profiles in the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend. With aromas of nougat and flavors akin to caramel and graham cracker, this coffee finishes with notes of toasted marshmallow. We’ve got you covered there, too. Finding the best coffee pod machine to suit your needs, however, isn’t quite as effortless. A word on coffee pod strength. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support. Looking to up your morning coffee game? I also love to share what I know with my readers. Single-serving coffee pod machines like Keurig’s lineup of brewers deliver a fresh cup of coffee in less time than it takes to make the bed in the morning. Not accepted by many municipal recycling programs, Not as dark as some dark roast lovers prefer. For the purposes of our testing, we used the classic Keurig K55 so we could get the fairest taste test. We also tested a number of flavored coffees and we’ve got some of the finest examples if you’re looking for something a little different. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. We also found the Starbucks pod to taste like carbonized wood. Either way, decaf can be bland and utterly disappointing so take our word that this Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is anything but. However, not many people are aware of the effect of pods or k cups used in these machines on the environment. In contrast, the Laughing Man Ethiopia has a much higher acidity level that adds to its sweet and citrusy flavors. Aftertaste: 3/10. Both high and low levels of acidity can be a positive or negative attribute. As the flavors depart from your tongue, you are left with a crisp finish and lingering notes of citrus. As always, our ever-busy team is working on the next round of testing and we’ll be reporting back later this week so come back soon! You should start this buying decision by being clear about which type of coffee best suits. As you take your first si, the pleasant aroma then segues into a complimentary taste of toasted almonds. The McCafe pod had a crisp and citrusy aftertaste that we found to be quite enjoyable as well. We take a look at the best coffee pods you can buy in 2020, including options from Nespresso, Tassimo and Dualit. If, however, you’re hunting for a refined, all-day coffee, why not give Caribou a crack? A quality coffee/crema and intensity of taste. We’ll finish up for today with a snapshot of the principal advantages and drawbacks of K-Cup pods so you can make an informed decision based on the cold, hard facts.