Tai Lung | Grimmel the Grisly | Titan "feats" can be used as Metroman "feats" Only Superman "feats" from "Superman Returns" allowed. "I'd watch you, like a dingo watches a human baby.". Is there anyone in the MCU who could beat him or does he just speed blitz them all? TightenTitanHalBlue Tighten Henchfrogs | Mr. Rasputia Latimore | UsurpationAttempted murderBreaking and enteringAssaultStalkingVandalismMultiple offensesTheftTerrorism Judge Turpin | It’s revealed in the movie that he was never actually serious with Megamind. Constructicons/Devastator (Demolishor, Rampage, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scrapper & Scavenger) | Splitter | General Roth'h'ar Sarris | He appears again in the video game. Helen is elastic, which I don't think would help very much in dealing with a being of Metroman's caliber. He is also Megamind's ultimate arch-nemesis. After learning that Megamind was the one who gave him the powers and was dating Roxanne at that time, Tighten became hell-bent on destroying Megamind for "stealing his girlfriend" and later causes havoc on Metro City with his powers, much to his pleasure and everyone's dismay and horror (including Megamind). Bloodwolf | As for Hal, he is imprisoned in Megamind's old cell, serving a life sentence as punishment for his crimes against Metro City. Full Name Commando Elite (Butch Meathook, Nick Nitro, Brick Bazooka, Vasquez & Gwendy Dolls) | According to speed and strength, Metroman will be the fastest to the New 52 superman and Titan. Layton T. Montgomery | Destroying everything in his way and wreaking havoc.Gloating about himself. Makunga | Rock Trolls | New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Posted by 9 months ago. With their super suits they are a bit more powerful, since Edna reinforced the suits, but this still would not stop Metroman. Although conceived by Megamind as "Titan," he considered himself to … D-Structs | Deathgrippers | You are indeed where you belong. Jack Jack could just ass-pull some new powers or teleport to the other plane of reality, forcing a stalemate, at least. He has a crush on her, but his attempts at flirting with Roxanne only makes her very uncomfortable. Titan attacks Megamind, and during the fight, he finds his invisible car. Tour Guide | Boneknapper | Horrified, Megamind intends to recapture Tighten by trapping him on a copper failsafe sphere, after learning that copper is Metro Man's weakness, but this fails, forcing Megamind to escape. Willard Tweedy | Rapunzel | Colonel Cutter | Megamind (2010) - Training Titan Scene (4 10) Movieclips, Megamind (2010) - Stalker Superhero Scene (5 10) Movieclips, Megamind (2010) - Titan's Rage Scene (6 10) Movieclips, Megamind (2010) - Making An Entrance Scene (8 10) Movieclips, Megamind (2010) - Metro Man Returns Scene (9 10) Movieclips, Megamind (2010) - Megamind vs. Titan Scene (10 10) Movieclips. Trees | Perhaps, if Jack-Jack was grown up and his powers were developed, he could win. The other last survivor of a dying alien race from the Glaupunk Quadrant, Metro Man grew up to be everything his rival Megamindwas not. Dash? One of the things Hal/Tighten does with his X-Ray Vision is to spy on Roxanne, thus hinting he only cares about using his powers for his personal gain. Adolfo Pirelli | Shrek Villains | Also, looking closely reveals a small book Hal was reading titled "Best Comic Book Villains Ever". Type of Villain Jackson Rippner | Buster Perkin | R2: Metro Man and Titan vs Mos Superman and General Zod He has a very large pool of powers from which to draw from. Jetzt bestellen! Battle. Tighten and Zod have both acquired/learned of their powers only 2 hours ago (prior to the hour of strategizing). 8 comments . This one is probably more on the nose, but when Minion was describing Hal to Megamind via a computer, he stated that Hal had no criminal records or any records in general, that is until Hal used his powers for selfish/unlawful reasons. ), flew a kite in the park for some unspecified time period, went to the library to borrow some books, went to a restaurant to sit and read said books, visited his statue, came up with a plan, visited a nursing school to borrow a fake skeleton, and returned to the observatory. After leaving Megamind waiting for several hours, Tighten meets the villain in his home. Then, after Minion knocks Hal out with the forget-me stick, Minion states that Hal "doesn't look like the hero type to me.' Cetus | Megamind attempts to train Hal into a hero, but unknown to Megamind, Hal is not as noble or just as Metro Man. In the Movie within that situation of the kidnapping of Roxanne Ritchie while metro man travels thousands of miles per second just to take his time walking around and read books while Megamind was talking. Dr. Zara | Metroman is the metronome, created in a sci-fi style. talking about Titan, he didn’t master his ability yet because he is ain’t pure Alien being unlike Metro Man … General Mandible | Fearless Leader | Decepticons (Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy, Blackout, Scorponok, Bonecrusher, Brawl & Dispensor) | As a child metro man showed feats equal to mr inc in strength like lifting a whole building and its occupants. Amazon.de/Fashion: Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. Attempted murderBreaking and enteringAssaultStalkingVandalismMultiple offensesTheftTerrorism. Wu Sisters | Hal Stewart, or also better known by his supervillain name Tighten, is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 21st full-length animated feature film Megamind. Fifi | Warlords | Spike & Whitey | Doom Syndicate (Psycho Delic) | Victor Quartermaine | Neither would Mr.Incredible, Violet or Helen. Tzekel-Kan | Not entirely true. He was voiced by Jonah Hill, who later played Donnie Azoff in The Wolf of Wall Street and himself in This Is the End. Hal about to leave after Roxanne declines his party invitation. When Hal tries to get Roxanne to go to his 'off the hook party", he lists the things he's arranged, including a bouncy house and a wedding photographer. Lord Shen's Wolf Army (Boss Wolf) | After Roxanne finishes her report on Metro Man's "death," Hal happily turns off his camera. Occupation He reveals his true intentions of why he took the gig and offers a partnership with Megamind, with him as the muscular brawn and Megamind as the 'brain with glasses'. He also has proven to be in denial; retorting to Roxanne that he didn't have any good in himself, and blaming Megamind for making a fool out of him (though Megamind rightfully points out that Tighten is making a fool out of himself by squandering his powers for his gain). Indominus rex | Goldtrux | "No, that's the best part. MetroMan Tank Top. 2. Henry Wu | Francis E. Francis | Hernán Cortés | Nvidia RTX 3090 vs Nvidia Titan RTX round two: Doom Eternal. Genus | ", an oddly creepy metaphor. While it could be seen as a simple gag, it also subtly foreshadows his indifference toward Metro Man's heroism, that Megamind's game with Metro Man is at an end, and when Hal gets his powers, he won't be playing. Chef | Violet can create forcefields. The Horde (Catra, Shadow Weaver, Scorpia & Double Trouble) | Thimblenose Ted | Hal then reveals his identity to Roxanne but gets rejected for his recklessness, causing him to fly away in anger. The Splotch | Major Chip Hazard | Hal soon finds that being bad is much more fun which leads to Metro City's new superhero to slowly but surely become the most dangerous supervillain of all due to his abilities. Donny | Megamind was planning on creating a new superhero to face after feeling isolated from his victory against Metro Man, so he tracks Hal to his apartment building and manipulates him by taking on the guise of his "Space Dad". Titan wird heute üblicherweise zu den Leichtmetallen gezählt. That being said, so does Metroman, and since he's older, I'm giving the win to him. Nebengruppe (4. Upon remembering where he left his defuser gun the night Roxanne dumped him after his Bernard disguise faltered away, Megamind takes the weapon, but Tighten throws him up into the sky before turning his rage towards Roxanne, hoping to finish her off. He also tends to be quite childish, immature (as when he throws a tantrum after accidentally slamming his hand on his news van), lazy, and incompatible (as he criticized Roxanne’s sentimental news script on Metro Man, unknowing that she had in fact write the script). However, as the years went and he and Megamind settled into a shtick that became all too similar to hi… Punch Monkeys, Live-Action Movies Like metroman punches her in the gut but she just makes herself super elastic there so the punch just kinda stretches her out. Professor Poopypants | Who would win? This is the first major hint that he's a creepy yandere. Discussion. Snidely Whiplash | He also has laser vision for long range attacks. Arachne | Powers/Skills The Fallen | Jurassic Park Villains | Bonus: Metro Man and Tighten vs Superman and General Zod. Mantah Corp, See Also Tour Guide | Battle. Galactic Horde | Dr. Violet? Megamind crashed in the Metro City Prison and was raised by prisoners.A… Ken | It’s probably just a game to him. The Doom Syndicate helps Tighten steal both Metro Man and Megamind's DNA to become Blue Tighten with Metroman's brawn and Megamind's brain. Queen Barb | Hal seeing Roxanne enter Megamind's lair on her own. It makes this metronome perfectly accurate. Discussion. He also tends to be quite childish, as when he throws a tantrum after accidentally slamming his hand on his news van. Tighten fights Megamind again and nearly kills him, but ultimately fails. Thelonious | Minion | Eris | 47 likes. Which hero/villain duo takes it? Transformers Cinematic Universe Villains | Hobby Sta'abi | Metro Man is fast enough that when he uses his superspeed, everyone else around him is completely frozen. When cameraman Hal Stewart is accidentally infused with Metro Man’s DNA, he gains his powers and becomes the supervillain Tighten (a misspelling of “Titan”). Hal Stewart Unfortunately for her they can be broken (she couldn't save the plane, and the omnidroid almost killed her). Megamind Tara Ribble | A single bullet is all it would take to bring down any of these characters. Bank Robbers | Pitch Black | Dash is the quickest of the Incredibles, and Metroman could probably punch him, go grab lunch, then come back and punch him again, all without Dash realising he was gone. Actually a contender. He has nothing close to MMs feats. Dave | Hal seeing how depressed Roxanne is and decides to get close to her. Ms. Grunion | Pharaoh Seti I | Dino Brewster, Shorts, Television and Video Games Later Post-COIE … Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Animated Features Fat Barry | He escapes from prison and becomes the leader of the supervillain organization known as The Doom Syndicate. With the exception of Jack Jack the strongest among them is Bob, whose strength does not at all compare to Metroman's. Recently, rewatched Megamind and the implications of what Titan could’ve done if he’d had his powers for longer is terrifying the more you realize how much Metroman was just playing games with Megamind. Elastigirl? Unless the Parrs have access to magic or reality warping abilities, they're screwed. Harlen Maguire | Teetsi | The Boov (Officer Kyle) | Goals Vincent | Ay | Golden Age (1940s) 3. As his former self Hal, he tends to be somewhat civil and sophisticated towards Roxanne, having a secret crush on her and would try to woo her, though she feels uncomfortable by his attempts. Dr. Blowhole | The Mouse | There’s simply nothing the incredibles have that can stop him and their strengths (speed, defense, power) are all trounced by him. Iron Man "feats" from all his movies as well as Avengers allowed. Gladys Sharp | Poachers (Madagascar) | Decepticons (Soundwave, Sideways, Grindor, Ravage, Alice & Scalpel) | Original (1930s) 2. One example being were he invites her over to his place for a party were it's just going to be the two of them with a wedding photographer and a bouncy castle there. The fastest person in the Incredibles, Dash, isn't anywhere near as fast as this, and doesn't have any of Metroman's other powers. But considering Jack-Jack's powers grow at a similar rate to Metro man's powers (none of the other Incredibles characters have gone through enough post-adolescent time to show power growth) he could have a chance. His speed puts him ahead of anyone else. Tighten nearly kills Roxanne by shoving a bus, but Metro Man suddenly appears, splitting the bus into two, saving Roxanne. He is the former nerdy and shy cameraman of Roxanne Ritchie who later became a vengeful, traitorous, and destructive supervillain as he was hit by the serum of Megamind. DuBois' Men | Beadle Bamford | He was able to move so fast he could travel all over the city, read a book, visit megamind and have an existential crisis and fake his death and no one even noticed he moved. Blayde | Sharks (Frankie) | save. Hal injuring his fingers after smashed his fist against the news van. Metro Man goes to Megamind for help with an apparent illness, but it quickly becomes clear he was driven to go to him for entirely different reasons. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.