Invite your learners to brainstorm Ground Rules for your classroom. You should establish some ground rules, but you should also establish a classroom community feeling early on. Sign up for the social emotional learning email course filled with tips to get you started, lesson and activity ideas, PLUS tons of FREE resources you can access right away. Mutual respect in the classroom encompasses more than the interaction between students and the teacher. Click an image to sign-up. Your students will be more inclined to act in positive ways … Reprimand students in private if possible so they are not singled out in front of their peers. Stay tuned for the social-emotional learning email series coming your way soon! Speak respectfully of students, their parents and other cultures. Establish clear classroom expectations from the first day of school. Teenagers especially thrive on being treated as adults, they may come from a home where they are not listened to and to have their opinion listened to is a very positive experience for them. The Respect SEL Curriculum includes 5 lessons and many activities that teach children about respect, acceptance, honesty, and gratitude. Unsubscribe at any time. For example, teaching respect in the classroom is not always a simple task. In conclusion, to engage in best practices, teachers should encourage administrators to make cultural responsive training a part of ongoing professional growth and be willing to implement techniques which are evidence-based in the classroom. Value diversity in the classroom, refraining from using language that may be insulting or insensitive. Promoting respect in the classroom 1. When you are a teacher, you teach all of the time even when you are in the hall having a discussion with another teacher. All too often, schools rely on the daily recitation of a pledge or display inspirational signs to promote respect and encourage supportive upstander behavior. 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. However, to promote respectful schools, we need to do much more. If we truly consider the dignity of our students to be an absolute priority, everything else falls into place …. Ensuring that all of children's basic needs are met and providing a safe and secure environment that enables children to explore and participate in active learning can help trust and respect develop and flourish in the classroom. The mind + heart Social Emotional Learning Curriculum includes 8 units! Respect! ‘Equity’ can have a lot of different definitions, depending on the context but, at its core, the concept involves giving everyone in a situation the specific tools that they need to be successful. 10:42 pm By Proud to be Primary 3 Comments. Filed Under: classroom management, social emotional learning. Ask children for other suggestions as to how they can show respect for the environment, such as an outdoor clean-up walk. Explore with the class what everyone may need to work at their best and to feel comfortable in the classroom, and compile a … Use language that is gender neutral or takes into consideration the gender identity of students. Distractions and behavioral disruptions are lessened. Model respectful behavior at all times. By entering your information, you agree to receiving email communication from me. Have a discussion with your class about respect and why it is important. Give students a kindness or respect card when you or a student notices kind or respectful words or behaviors. Another important goal of culturally responsive education is to teach students to respect and appreciate their own culture and heritage. I love to shape little minds and hearts. Speak to students in the same way you expect to be spoken to by them. Achieving this atmosphere takes considerable effort on the part of the teacher as well as the students. Post your classroom rules and procedures on the wall where they are clearly visible. This form collects information I will use to send weekly emails with strategies, promotions, and resources.