Play. And if we lose, we praise Him. I’ve been reading about the team and where you’ve gone. God will send the rain when he’s ready. That is not literally true. Update on December 8, 2019 by Pastor Jack Wellman. We’re not here just to get glory, make money and die. [The problem] is me, like everything else is me. You’re on the throne [i.e., my king]. My most consistent spiritual discipline has been shaming myself about spiritual disciplines. Do you think this would ever happen in your home country? But the ball has got to go through the middle. Coach (to his wife): Brooke, I can’t provide you with a decent home. Coach Taylor (talking to a rebellious player): You can’t judge your father by his actions and yourself by your intentions. In 30 years of preaching I probably said it without checking it out because it was just a cool thought. Note 2: Football “scoreboards” are used in the movie to show you which team is winning. So I’m asking you… What are you living for? ~ BELOW: "Search our websites" (after the ads, you'll see links to things on and Tell about a time like this, or explain why it couldn’t happen. and a future.”, “I heard a story of I have heard for many years in the church that the Bible says “fear not” 365 times… time for every day of the year. 8. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows … University coach: Well, in God’s word, he said 365 different times, “Do not fear.” If he says it that many times, you know he’s serious about it. 1 Samuel 17 . It has been said that “Do not fear” is in the Bible 365 times. It has been said that “Do not fear” is in the Bible 365 times. I promise, win or lose this game, you guys are champions. Well here’s the real story, I did check it out….it’s not there 365 times! Brady: Nah, Hindenburg’s where you go skiing in Tennessee. Lord, give me something; show me something. This would be VERY unusual in America! Having done some Bible searching in the past I was doubtful the actual phrase ‘do not fear’ would be found written in exactly that format 365 times, but thought maybe verses which communicated that sentiment in various forms – such as fear not, don’t … David’s Dad: Your actions will always follow your beliefs, David. Click below to donate. University coach: Well, in God’s word, he said 365 different times, “Do not fear.” If he says it that many times, you know he’s serious about it. It don’t have to look pretty. Tell your partner what you think a coach’s job is all about. It is not unusual for one Christian to “feel led,” i.e., compelled by God, to go to another Christian with some encouraging sentences from the Bible. You re on the throne [i.e., my king]. I think it was a quote from Facing the Giants, the movie. See "About us" for more info. Talk about a time when someone’s actions were influence by what they believed about a situation. Now if He says it that many times, you know He's serious about it, don't ya? Some Americans would think that Mr. Bridges is just a “foolish old man,” but most Christians would listen and respect him, even if they aren’t really sure he is “hearing from God.” God speaks to us in often-mysterious ways! I need you. The underlined words are defined in the vocabulary section. We’re gonna have to change your whole kicking philosophy. Note 2: My students in China would be interested to learn that Coach Taylor, as a high school football coach with a “losing record,” makes 24 thousand dollars a year, while his wife earns $6000 working part time in a flower shop (2006 figures). Blue parts below are particularly important. *rival: someone you compete with (in sports, business, love, etc.). Thousands of couples are unable to have children. I m tired of being afraid. According to the movie "Facing the Giants" it is somewhere close to 365 times, though it appears to appear just over 100 in reality. A Christian is not simply someone born in a western culture, but someone who is an intentional, personal follower of the teachings of Jesus. two farmers praying to God for rain to come…, In Facing the Giants is daar so ‘n spesiale deel waar ‘n We can’t have our own children because of me. And if we win, we praise Him. I think it was a quote from Facing the Giants, the movie. The Bible says that God put us here for him, to honor him.” “We’ve gotta honor him in our relationships, in our respect for authority, in the classroom, and when you’re at home alone surfing the Internet. This film is about the power of faith, hope and love, and it can show you how to face and overcome your own “giants.” (2006; Sherwood Pictures; sports, drama; PG; 111 minutes), Setting: Shiloh Christian High School in the American South (Georgia), early 2000s, Note 1: Religion is a very important part of America’s culture, esp in the South. #stonewall #isaiah 40:29 #facing the giants #do not fear. David: I knew I was going to miss it, even before I kicked it. “Princeton Heights [high school football team] cheated when they let two, *irreplaceable: so valuable that no one can take his/her place. Because I’m assistant coach. “Well, in God’s Word, He said 365 different times, ‘Do not fear.’ If He says it that many times, you know He’s serious about it, don’t you?” ~ Mark Richt “Well, I can promise you, win or lose this game, you guys are champions.” ~ Mark Richt “Whether you make this field goal or not, we’re gonna praise Him. Many have been searching the web to find out … Many common English phrases and expressions have their origin in the Bible as well. Coach Taylor: Did you think you were. What’s God doing? According to “Facing the Giants”, the words of “Do not fear” are mentioned 365 times in the Bible. I think it was a quote from Facing the Giants, the movie. Even when things don’t seem to Video Credit: Michael Puskas. Now, as you’re teaching these guys and ministering to them, I think it’s fantastic. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. At this, Coach is deeply moved and says, “Lord, you’ve given me a truck.” I’ve seen this kind of thing happen many times, though not often involving something as expensive as a truck! revival: a time when many people become Christians, or get serious about obeying the Bible, at the same time. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. I mean, why is it so hard? This is not a high salary in America, which helps explain why they cannot afford to pay for home or car repairs, much less to buy a new car. ¨- Facing the Giants. University coach (Mark Richt): I don’t care what level of ball you’re coaching, it’s surreal when you make it to the championship game. leerder se “locker” raak, terwyl hy hulle aan God opdra in gebed…, Hawkins Jr.: Grant’s assistant coach (a black man), Mr Bridges: an elderly man who walks down the school hallways after the kids leave, praying for the students and the school. See, you’re kicking wide left or wide right. *pregnant: to have a baby growing inside you; also called “to be expecting.” If a pregnancy test is “negative” it means that she is not pregnant; “positive” means you are going to have a baby. If you want me to do something else, show me. ... How many times do I find myself facing something that isn’t my battle to fight? We weren’t supposed to have a winning season, but we do. If you don t want me to have children, so be it. Alex Kendrick - Grant Taylor Mark Richt - Mark Richt But I’ve also been praying. Prays for the students as he passes their locker. Grant: This team we’re playing, they’re huge. Which one do you think trusted God to send the rain? And both of them prayed for rain, but only one of them when out and prepared his fields to receive it. Why or why not? Don't wait for it t... “Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Although there’s only a 10% chance of success, many couples have tried in vitro fertilization. It just doesn’t work that way. A gun pointed at your head will cause you to obey the gun holder. [i.e., a process of trying to join sperm and egg in a medical lab, resulting in prenancy]. Now if He says it that many times, you know He's serious about it, don't ya? In China, you do something similar when you quote a sage like Confucius (孔子), or some political leader. Coach (praying in desperation): Lord Jesus, would you help me? Coach (summarizing their problems): So we’ve got a leak in the back room, the dryer only works half the time, the car’s dying on us, and now the stove’s broken. We're not supposed to … We’re not here to get glory, make money, and die.". 14. You can have my hopes and my dreams.