Located in the middle of Germany and Europe, Hannover is very easy to reach and is one of the best European destinations for a city break in autumn. Temperature: 20°C high; 12°C low Season: spring Travel time from UK: 11 hours 30 minutes Time difference: GMT+2 Less than two hours’ drive from Cape Town, Hermanus has grown from fishing village to popular seaside destination for good reason: it offers the world’s best land-based whale-watching.Come in September, when the Hermanus Whale Festival (27-29 September… Los Cabos, Partly because of this, Europeans tend to wear shirts and tops twice between washes. I hope this helps you at least get some ideas of how you might do it. St Kitts >>>Krakow prices and travel tips. We have a few places in mind that would like to do but i think we are a little bit over the map. The Paris Pass also includes quite a few other worthwhile attractions, including a cool wine-tasting experience next to the Louvre where each adult gets a full bottle of wine to take with you at the end. Turks and Caicos Bonaire, This charming hotel is on a quiet side street near the Landwehr canal in Kreuzberg. Tallinn Shanghai, The food is also quite different, although both are known as late-night party cities. >>>Check hotel deals for Madrid In Amsterdam the airport is on the main train line. London, Lebanon Naples, Brussels Switzerland Rio de Janeiro, Paris is so beautiful that it's worth visiting no matter what time of year you are coming to Europe, and September is definitely one of the nicer months. Vilnius, Luxembourg But four days in Paris would be fantastic and you might have to fly from wherever you are to Rome for your flight home anyway. Colombo Male, Myanmar Septembe… This area is stuffed with northern Europeans all of July and August, and it's a bit hot during those months as well. Cape Town Great breakfast as well! Best Time To Visit Europe: July and August are busy everywhere in Europe. From Venice, I was considering Vienna or Salzburg (Sept 26-27) then on to Berlin (Sept 28-30) in time for the marathon. Nairobi >>>Salzburg prices and travel tips. Actually, Britain and Ireland are both really gorgeous islands with rolling green hills almost everywhere, and some really nice jagged coastlines. In other words, if you can push your sunshine holiday to September, you'll be far better off and you'll be rewarded with lower hotel and apartment rental rates as well. I had the pleasure of staying at this stylish hotel. Madrid, Luang Prabang, Guadeloupe, Jamaica If you want to visit a second place in Switzerland to admire the unusual beauty, Lucerne is your best bet. Phnom Penh, That gives you 4 more cities to choose, and hopefully ones that are easy to reach from Paris or each other. Thanks Steve. Hopping from island to island can be, therefore, much cheaper in September. We all have different places we wish to see (London, Berlin, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Paris, Amsterdam, and the Alps. Trinidad and Tobago Guatemala -Roger. Please note a lot of the below events have been canceled due to the COVID 19. It's lovely, quiet, and even cheaper than Prague. France Montreal, Last time I went there, I took the train from Bordeaux, then flew back from Bilbao to Paris. There is also a busy ferry port here that takes people to the nearby holiday islands, or even Italy. Hello Roger, is there a “gold standard” company that you recommend for booking excursions? Geography buffs and pedants will be quick to point out that Antalya isn't technically in Europe, and they are obviously right. There are, however, plenty of reasons why September can be a great time for a holiday. >>>Lisbon prices and travel tips. Kyoto, Cesky Krumlov is small enough to enjoy in 2 nights. Fez, would be much easier especially as we travel between cities and cannot check in right away. If crowds and heat deter you from visiting some fabulous places in Europe, going in September is one the best solutions. This is another place where September is more comfortable and much cheaper than summer. Head to Split for the … Monaco The Hotel Excelsior is located in Ludwigsvorstadt and is situated near many iconic city spots. Your plan sounds really good. Dominican Republic As for Austria, I really love Salzburg and I highly recommend it, even though the views aren’t nearly as spectacular as those in Switzerland. Situated right in the Boqueria of Barcelona, one of the most important monuments of the city, the Petit Palace Opera Garden is a gorgeous hotel with all the amenities needed and a central location. September 2 – Labor Day in the United States and Canada 3. This isn't much of a party city, however. Macau >>>Check hotel deals for Antalya Slovenia Melbourne, There are also numerous live music shows and parades that keep the atmosphere animated at every moment. The Canary Islands has nearly perfect weather all year round, but it can get a bit hot in July and August. San Jose What’s more, Europe puts on a good show this time of year—from displays of fall colors in storied forests to festivals celebrating harvests, holidays, the arts, and beer. Turkey Quito More good news is that every other place in Turkey is even cheaper than Istanbul, so you might want to do a little tour including Cappadocia and Antalya if you can. Your plan sounds quite good. Dublin, Hong Kong It's halfway between Brussels and Bruges on the same train line, and it's a gorgeous city that is always less crowded. The romantic beauty of the Rhine and its castles is even more enchanting in September due to the changing colors of the landscape as autumn approaches. Anguilla New Orleans, Guadeloupe Nassau I am considering a week’s trip to San Sebastian. Should I consider heading towards Prague instead of Austria or Switzerland? Whether i should be aware of closure of tourist places during this winter period which could affect my travel. It leaves from in front of the Eiffel Tower and that allows you to see the historic buildings and all of the bridges as they are flood-lit for the night, and then allows you to see and photograph the Eiffel Tower at night as well on your way back. September 7 – Brazil Independence Day (major public holiday) 4. Sweden Great article. Senegal Still, I think a visit to Salzburg could be great as it’s a very lovely town that is unlike anything in Switzerland. The beauty of these islands is not discussed enough because most people focus on London. If you only have a week or so in Italy, head north from here to Florence and Venice (see below). Powered by: Meyer Digital Media, Welcome to Travel Passionate a blog that focuses on Luxury Travel in Europe. The program includes the World Oyster Opening Championship, a Marty Grass Party, and a beauty contest, among other exciting events. You could do the above and then from Berlin (or even Prague) you could fly to Athens and spend 2 or 3 days there and then take a flight or ferry to Santorini or Mykonos or one of the other islands for a few days before taking a direct flight back to London from there. Also it would be helpful if you could provide the best travel link as per means of transport from 1 country/city to other. Guilin, Kuala Lumpur My name is Chrissy, Held on the grounds of the beautiful Buda Castle, with stunning views over the city, the festival quickly seduces participants with its unique historical setting. I am trying to pre-book all of the major museums (Louvre, Orsay, Monet, Rodin, Orangerie) and Versailles. We want to do this on our terms. Queenstown, >>>Check hotel deals for Costa del Sol Companies like Viator, TripAdvisor, and Expedia should all be trustworthy, but they also charge a LOT for the convenience of dealing with an American company. Belgium Osaka, -Roger. The train actually comes to Split, and it's a major hub for the many buses that carry people all over Croatia. Hotels in these areas are packed in September so it's best to book well in advance if you can, especially if you want to stay at one of the few hotels in the amazing little farming village of Gimmelwald. A visit to Glacier National Park during the month of September is likely to leave visitors with the feeling of a closer connection to nature, since by this time of year tourists have thinned out, the leaves are starting to turn colors, and wildlife is typically more active as they make preparations for the winter season. You can get here by an overnight train, but honestly it's probably better to fly, which can also be cheaper as well. Lisbon, Zurich >>>Berlin prices and travel tips. Thanks again, James. Austria has nice Alps views as well, but they aren’t as dramatic as those in Switzerland. >>>Check hotel deals for Berlin Les Festes de La Mercè, as it is known in Catalan, has been the official city holiday since 1871. Thanking in advance. A visit in … Martinique Split, Places in mind, Amsterdam, germany, prague?, possibly austria and would like to do either Greece or Croatia for the last bit of our trip. This hotel has elegant furnishing, impeccable service, and a fabulous location directly overlooking the historic Gendarmenmarkt. September is a great time for travelling in Europe. I hope this helps. Rotorua, Anguilla Tortola Rome, Feel free to email me with any questions at. Florence tends to be the second stop for most people on a first visit to Italy, whether they start in Venice and come south, or start in Rome and head north. Kas Cairns, >>>Interlaken prices and travel tips. That has also made the deals even a bit better as well. Is it easier to get there from Madrid or Barcelona? What do you suggest ? We have a few countries in mind, but are really confused which ones to pick as per weather and a for a 15 odd day trip. Sydney Romania As long as you don't need a river view from your hotel room, you can get a lot for your money here. Although transportation schedules start to change around September 15, this is also the period when many cruise lines offer generous discounts before ending the European season and moving to warmer climates for the winter. >>>Check hotel deals for Budapest September is a very pleasant month in Prague because the temperatures are nice and the crowds aren't quite as ridiculous as they are from June through August. In addition to being the host of Oktoberfest, Munich is popular on its own, boasting a wealth of attractions, including world-class museums and art galleries, charming architectural gems, and a vibrant nightlife. Bucharest A legendary folk festival, Oktoberfest attracts millions of visitors to the beautiful Bavarian city Munich for what counts as probably the largest celebration in the world dedicated to beer. We review prices and value here, Caribbean all-inclusive resorts are on sale at Expedia.com, Save an extra 5% off low-priced Europe hotel rooms with this code, Groupon’s localized travel offers are very impressive, Cancun vacation packages are US$100 or more off right now, Hostels are now on sale: Book soon to lock in up to 50% off, 56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2020, The 13 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2017, Europe trip-planning guide: Itineraries, transport, accommodation, city passes, and more, 7 Reasons Southeast Asia is much better than Europe for budget travelers, 12 best-value cities in Asia for budget travelers, Cheapest cruise lines for 2020 Caribbean cruises – 11 lines ranked by price, Should you buy a 2020 Eurail Pass? >>>Paris prices and travel tips. 1. >>>Check hotel deals for Split From Interlaken to Berlin the train ride is a bit over 9 hours, so you’d probably be better off just taking the train to Zurich Airport and flying to Berlin from there. Sri Lanka Paris? Tourism to Turkey has gone way down in recent years due to some political uncertainty, so it's worth checking the news before you book. My husband and I are planning a 3 week trip to Europe in september from 06-28. The most famous attractions including the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum are always crowded, so arrive early in the day if you can. Christchurch, -Roger, Hello, I will be running in the Berlin Marathon at the end of September (September 29). The hotel also has a restaurant that serves many mouthwatering dishes you can try. Is this crazy thinking? I really like Croatia, but if you haven’t been to any of these places I think I’d go to Greece instead. Again, I fly out from Miami to somewhere on September 19 and I would need to return on October 4,5, or 6th. September is considered the end of summer holidays in Italy, but if you want to visit the Amalfi Coast, this is great news because it means you can enjoy some relative peace and tranquility during your visit. I hope this gives you some ideas. 4.Cesky krumlov and Prague. Vancouver I’ve seen transport companies (very expensive), bus lines (with a large number of pick pocketing on the common routes), etc. You might be interested in: How to spend 4 days in Berlin. There are so many options and companies when it comes to booking excursions. Another good reason to stop in Florence is that it tends to be a bit cheaper than Rome and noticeably cheaper than Venice. Vientiane From Venice would you travel into Switzerland instead of Austria? Those on longer visits to Italy should consider heading south from here for a stop in Sorrento, which is a bit south of Naples. Hello, I am trying to plan out my itinerary for Paris. I’ve done this for trips lasting months and years. Chicago, Puerto Vallarta. Porto As you can see above, the temperatures are almost perfect all day and night, and you shouldn't be seeing much rainfall. St. Croix, If you can't make it to Switzerland's excellent (and very expensive) Alpine destinations, you should at least try to make it to Salzburg. Beijing, >>>Check hotel deals for Salzburg Seafood- see food, eat food. Salzburg, One is the hop-on, hop-off bus tour, which takes about three hours and is an ideal way of orienting yourself on your first full morning in Paris. A trip in September means far fewer crowds and reduced prices. Ukraine Netherlands Antilles Viator? At the beginning of September, crowds start to slowly dissipate and the temperatures are milder, which means that September is one of the most pleasant and serene months in the islands. Interestingly enough, Paris is very quiet in August since half the office workers are away, and it gets really lively again in September. It’s only around £5 to get into central London, but it takes over an hour and it’s no fun if you just got off an overnight flight. >>>Antalya prices and travel tips. A visit to the Rhine River region in Germany will reveal an impressive range of fabulous castles that will transport you back in time. Check out: How to spend 3 days in Budapest. Valletta Other cities have even more canals, but none look like this. It includes 3 elements: a Paris Museum Pass, an unlimited transport pass, and a Paris Attractions Pass. One thing I highly recommend that doesn’t need a pass is to spend part of an evening in the Montmartre neighborhood, which is extremely colorful at night. Panama City, Cambodia Budapest is another city that is usually more pleasant in September than it is in August, partly because many of the less expensive hotels here don't have air conditioning. We are now down to London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris and creating an itinerary instead of doing a group tour.