Seriously? Dave Pegg from Fairport Convention / Jethro Tull. At least you got the #1 correct! How many frets do *you* need on your 4-string? #WSMFP, #HardWorkingAmericans. Chris Squire should be MUCH higher. Finally it popped up, Tom Fowler. There’s a few of the guy’s I’ve not come across before but, I’d of of had Greg Lake, John Wetton, Dave Pegg and Jimmy Lea in there somewhere! Usually playing fretless bass, he had no problem putting walking jazz basslines into their most straightforward pop tunes and rocking out during their jazz numbers. surely someone must have heard of Paul Samwell Smith…Noel Redding deserves more notice..anyone heard of Bill Black..rings a rockabilly bell..and Willy Dixon deserves to be higher. No one even considers someone like Dusty Hill but he has made an indelible mark on history none the less. Much of my top ten have been overlooked. Seriously, listen to more Stevie Ray Vaughan and old Johnny Winter. I have been a bass player for about 30 years and over the last 5 or 6 years re examined how I was playing and made some changes. manca uno splendido tim bogert dei vanilla fudge, cactus,, ecc. There are sooooo many great players …………too many to mention. All I know is that there are some wonderful bass players on the list. Go back and listen to Joe Jackson band on I’m The Man and Look Sharp albums. WTF? Really? Jaco should be in No.1. But there’s bass players that weren’t even considered that are better than half of the players on the list and I’m one of them .i believe in the Muhammed Ali approach not political views on playing but obvious talent . Bottom line is the groove and Jaco is the one. Then I did a page search for Jerry Scheff. Ray Shulman McCartney is a very, very good bassist. What a bunch of fucktards! Not to mention Paul McCartney better than Jaco… Do you know anything about music? It’s a POLL OF POLLS people!!!!! #19…an insult. Hailing from the Geddy Lee school of thumping-bass, Les Claypool has cultivated a list of musical credits as wildly eccentric as he is. Paul McCartney number 5 is laughable. Turn up the bass. Aston Barrett, but no Robbie Shakespeare? i don´t see Trevor Horn there, is this because he his better producer? Should be #1. Come on. Paul McCartney made a trademark out of the supple, lyrical bassline more than any rock player before or since, and that’s on ‘Paperback Writer’ alone. This reads like an April Fools prank. And I may be guilty of the same, somewhat. But remember this is a list compiled by people with a small amount of musical education and even smaller amount of experience. That’s because Claypool’s songs suck. No Bob Daisley? Without whom I wouldn’t be playing bass. Often described as the second coming of Jaco Pastorius, the Grammy-winning bass master is rightly beloved by the jam-band crowd and beyond. ! Look her up on YouTube. Where’s Bob Babbitt? The Who’s ‘My Generation’ was one of those times. Jack Cassidy should be there and high up, too! Top 30 Hard Rock Casady, Geddy Lee, the guy from Van Halen…meh! Agreed. Listen to “Story In Your Eyes”. Some real greats on here: Mingus, East, Lee, Miller, McCartney, Bruce…. I agree…Jack Bruce should be further up the chart! Should be by music category IE: the absence of Nathan East (Fourplay) shows that it is not a fair list baed on ability. Jack Bruce, Jet Harris (ex Shadows), John Rostill, John Entwistle. 2. Jerry Scheff should be there. Lists like these are tough, you’re always going to leave someone off that people like and you’re always going to rank someone higher than they should be. A guy you don’t hear much about. Noel Redding, Bill Wyman, Jim Lea, Mel Shacher at least should be in (IMHO in top 20) Roll this shit carefully in tube and put in your a… back, Entwistle was phenomenal. I'm a huge fan of Phil Lesh's bass playing - especially in his Phil Lesh And Friends gigs. Unfortunately, since the Ashhats at the RRHOF always pan GFR, that’s probably not gonna happen. he should be recognised as one of the greatest! This list is ridiculous! I have seen him play in each decade since the 1970s and I am always impressed and disappointed with him not making this Top 50. This list doesn’t reflect actual playing talent surely. Don’t shoot the messenger! Point blank period!!! A master of slinky laidback funk and one of the most open-minded musicians around, Hood’s signature groove can be heard on everything from The Staple Singers’ ‘I’ll Take You There’ to Clarence Carter’s ‘Snatching It Back’. Also I would put Bill Black in second place. I agree Cetera should have made the list as well as Mark King of Level 42. Jack Casady being omitted is pretty glaring…, Mel Schacher Just like all the drummers polls this is just a popularity contest, John Wetton should be high up on this list but there are Jazz Fusion bass players who can play rings around all these guys with one hand tied behind their backs, right…..Guys like Rick Laird, Tom Kennedy, Mbap Ettienne, Jaco, …………the true technicians ………. Mani (Gary Mounfield) from The Stone Roses and Primal Scream should be in there. Glad he was because he’s a beast, Actually if the truth be known Jaco was the best. Can’t believe that Jack Cassidy (Hot Tuna) isn’t in the top 10! and Ray Shulman from Gentle Giant should definitely be on this list. hey! He’s as good a bass player as most of these guys. I was thinking the same thing man! listen to any track by Nazareth’s Pete Agnew! No Jeff Berlin? A real bass players bass player. I think if you asked the players on this list to vote, he would have been number one. I saw him live, and was a real master on the bass. Jaco only made #12? Shulman Brother. Again, however, Waters is solid on the bass and very loud. Well done once again to The Ox credit were credit is due! otherwise it’s symplier make a list of 50 bassplayers in alphabetical order. Jack Cassady, John McVie and there should be a whole separate list for Jazz bassists. I just like the way he writes and plays. Pretty versatile. Try playing All Right Now without the bass. McCartney not that great. Best bass player from the punk era as far as I’m concerned. However I do not think his tone and sound has aged very well. Tal Wilkenfeld who’s played with Jeff Beck among others is a tremendous young bass player. No Percy Jones, Ray Shulman or John Wetton???? I want some of what y’all are drinking!! Dominic da Piazza and Ransome Knowling both sing for me, but the man who has utterly redefined the modern form of the instrument is Barry Guy. idiot list For educational purposes only. Also, Jack Bruce at #8??? Sklar at 49 und Dunn at 47 ? This list is bull ! Duck Dunn is far too close to the bottom of the list. Bogus. Bob Daisley? Lee Dorman of Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda (side one), Ball, and Metamorphosis albums are good early examples. Entwistle- Top?-NAH. Carter is also an acclaimed cellist who has recorded numerous times on that instrument he was elected to the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame in 2012. Also Jay Mosley from The String Cheese Incident is great too, as well as John Wolochuk from the Canadian band KLAATU, who everyone thought was The Beatles in a secret reunion in 1977. Idiots. How could Jaco not be amongst the top ten? Different styles, awesome bass players! He had an EB-3 in the very early '70s that had different pickups, and I think this is the bass on Live Dead. These are all excellent players. That’s pretty hilarious too. Geddy Lee is the best bassist on earth, so yes, seriously. As with any list of this sort, I don’t get too excited or aggravated over the ‘order’ of the honorees, and the other commenters have pointed out that several phenomenal players didn’t ‘make’ the list. She can play rings around many of the people on this list. As the longtime bassist for the cult bar band NRBQ (New Rhythm And Blues Quartet), Joey Spampinato embodied that band’s tight-but-loose mindset. Miroslav Vitous, David Holland, Rick Lair, John Wetton…, i think this two guys must be in the list, the first one is Hugo Fatturuso Tuff job…. In 2000, Bill Kreutzmann, another Grateful Dead alumnus, joined the group, while Phil Lesh dropped out. For educational purposes only. Gary Thain, Felton Crews, David Wm. One of the best is not mentioned : JOHN MYUNG from Dream Theater is a virtuoso ! Or fromTower of Power … Francis “Rocco” Prestia !!! Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 3 users. John Myung from Dream Theater, Billy Sheehan from Steve Vai’s Band, and Stu Hamm.. Who makes up these list? He is very good, and I failed to give him credit where it was genuinely due. He was no slouch in the poppier tracks, either; try the beautiful (and extremely difficult) fretless part in ‘No Reply At All’. Rod Clements – Lindisfarne I don’t know who was surveyed and how you judged the meaning of best, but bassist number 12 through 32 would eat numbers 1 through 9 for lunch. Where’s Herbie Flowers? His bass solo on the live track ‘Refried Boogie’ revealed what a talented and versatile player he was. Breeze, you were the first to mention Chuck Rainey. Francis Rocco Prestia from Tower of Power I really love the bass lines. Dig Lil Abner! Having toured in Traffic and most recently in The Waterboys, David Hood was the mainstay of the fabled Muscle Shoals rhythm section The Swampers. McVie honed his craft with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers ~ a group that influenced almost every rock band in the 60’s. Great List but I think Dave Holland should have made the list, countless great jazz albums including miles Davis’ Bithes Brew. Some great bassists here to be sure, but here are five more worthies: Jack Casady – Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna Andy Fraser, Greg Ridley…but without doubt the biggest omission is Peter Hook from New Order. As one of the first key players to join Bob Marley & The Wailers (and still with the group now), Aston Barrett laid the groundwork for all reggae to come. Obviously a popularity contest. Check out his solo around the 2:17 mark of this terrific live video: Seriously??? Then of course there’s the guys not mentioned, like Jack Cassidy, Greg Lake and Ian Hill (Judas Priest) that must be on this list. Mel is a legend, truly one of a kind. To learn to play The Beatles song’s bass correctly from zero would take weeks. One of the least talented bass players ever! Why isn’t Abe there? Check this out: Discover the 100 best drummers in music history. Dude, McCartney revolutionized the place of the bassist in rock. INVALID LIST. Chuck Rainey didn’t even make this list …………. Half the times you think you’re hearing lead guitar on a Motörhead record (including the intro to ‘Ace Of Spades’), it’s really Lemmy wailing away. Tony Levin has intrigued me from the earliest King Crimson and Peter Gabriel days. Please proceed to have conniptions and hissy fits to your hearts’ content. Also John Myung from Dream Theater should be top 5. He’s officially the most recorded bassist in jazz, with credits in early CTI fusion and modern benefits and soundtracks, but Ron Carter would still make the list of greatest bassists if he did nothing more than play in Miles Davis’ “Second Great Quintet”, where he and Tony Williams were a rhythm section for the ages. His work with Donny Hathaway (especially D.H. I love that style! So what did Ray Charles have in common with Frank Zappa? The article says “sometimes they step out into the spotlight, like Paul Mc Cartney, Lemmy, Sting or Roger Waters”. You’re telling me that Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke didn’t make the top 10, and paul mc cartney is #1…, Yeah – it’s almost funny… it’s like comapring… well lets say me with Ludwig Van Beethoven… What a wholeheartedly predictable and otherwise boring list. 99. Perhaps the most versatile bass played in all of prog rock, John Wetton could do the blazing virtuosity of Larks Tongues-era King Crimson as well as the song-oriented approach of Asia. Seriously???!!! hmmm…how can you quantify sound It’s subjective so who’s to say who’s best we are talking about, your favorites my favorites..Steve down the streets favorirte? And one of my personal favorites Roy Estrada, Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, LITTLE FEAT. Hows about Glyn Havard of Icarus the original group, who went on to Jade Warrior? Francis Rocco Prestia Jr. “The Legendary Sixteenth Note Groove Master” (March 7, 1951 – September 29, 2020) Rocco Prestia, American Bass Player I think Stanley Clarke should be number one !!!!!!!!! show me bass players that want to emulate Jack Bruce = everyone. Listen to the many renditions of “Bouree” for examples. A big smile on my face with 30/40-ies geniuses like Basie’s Walter Page and Ellington’s Jimmy Blanton (+ 1942) mentioned here. It’s not about HOW he plays; if so, this list should be populated by 50 unknown session bassists. Roger Glover See the bass intro to ‘My Baby Left Me’ as irrefutable proof. Donald ” Duck” Dunn should have been number 3. Flea at 3? To carry those songs with all that Emerson and Palmer had going on around him. As co-founder of the Minutemen, Mike Watt and his cohorts made unabashed virtuosity fun again; and through his group fIREHOSE and solo years, he’s remained one of the most adventurous musicians in the indie world. I Believe in Bea Miller. How is Peter Cetera of Chicago is not in there especially considering the complexity of music Chicago was doing in the early years amazes me but probably the same people that left Terry Kath off the 100 greatest guitarist of all time list but these list make me laugh at times what’s the criteria the best technical bass players or just what you like to listen to there is a distention. No Ian Hill? Spellcheck does NOT know bass players! They play with their FEET while ripping it up on the organ. Aside from his big band w. the Raelettes, Ray also had a quartet for 35 years. Good list but there’s a couple i’d put in they would be Gary Thain and Tal Wilkenfeld. Please. LES CLAYPOOL could play the music of every other bassist on this. Her bass-work is sublime. A cool jazz musician who could play rock if it was sophisticated enough, Rainey wound up doing an equal number of jazz (Eddie Harris, Quincy Jones), rock (Nile Lofgren, Dave Mason) and soul sessions, (Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin), and was largely the reason Steely Dan’s Walter Becker moved over to guitar. Tina Weymouth? It’s ridiculous to say that one guy is better than another if he’s expressing himself though the art of music. Gary Thain was a monster with Heep. Joke of a list to be honest. Cliff Burton and Steve Harris better than Tony Levin, Phil Lynott and Billy Sheehan…? John Wetton I have always been a big fan of bass players and when I say this listing I had to go down the list. Bass with the Jeff Beck Group w/ Rod Stewart and then guitar with Stewart and Faces and then the Stones?? He performs to the needs of his Boss’ songs, not standing out, but filling his role in a very professional band. Definitely Porcaro and also Timothy B Schmidt (eagles). I remember thinking when I first saw the Talking Heads that she was lucky to have friends who cared enough to be patient with her boring lines. nnaaaaaaaa. Phil Lesh Basses Like many of his contemporaries, Lesh started out on a Gibson EB-0, before moving onto a Fender Precision Bass in 1968. How many 60s bands had an iconic bass solo in the middle of their defining song? Graham Maby…and Garry Tallent is underrated. Always overlooked in these polls Eric Avery…not mainstream so does not get a mention….but best ever dynamic driving bass player ever. Sat in the pocket between two of the best lead guitarists ever. Paul McCartney 5th????? Jack Bruce should be Higher on the list, and Felix Pappalardi from Mountain, who also Produced Cream, should be right there also! We stopped educating out kids on music diversity a long time ago. Tal Wilkenfeld. 3. Chris Squire is awesome. Rubbish. If you are, she definitely needs to be added. He also played with Hendrix – albeit posthumously, on the studio-created Crash Landing. Jamerson was the bassist who changed the way we envisioned playing bass. The landmark groove of ‘Cissy Strut’ was just the beginning, and Porter, Jr, is one of the greatest bassists who embodies New Orleans’ slinky approach to funk. Cliff Burton followed the same template as Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler, but as a speed-metal bassist, he found it absolutely necessary to play a whole lot more. His playing is so far removed from anything resembling normal bass lines that many people just scratch their heads as he chirps and thumps every fret of an 8 string monstrosity. Love the John McVie/Mick Fleetwood axis. or another Cassidy by mistake? For this week’s Throwback Thursday feature we’re republishing a review of a pair of 2006 The Duo, G.R.A.B. Agree 100%. Where the hell is Andy Fraser from Free ?? Nobody ever did more with one note than Jamerson on ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’. And where is Jeff Berlin? This list does suck. well ill never dupe phils sound even with all the same gear but you usually model your tone after your idols so thats what I am going for, heck it seemed to work for mike gordon after all. Check out the on John’s song about Paul, they’re awesome and true too. I could not agree more. Where are Tim Bogert, Rick Laird and Paul Jackson ? No John Taylor? This list sucks. The syrupy crap he put out later can’t take away from the genuinely brilliant playing he did in those early days. Where’s Gregg Lake ? Absolutely agreed. His appearances on over 2,500 albums make him one of the most recorded bassist in jazz history. .. Full-bodied sound like no other. Willie Dixon at #37? Geddy Lee and Chris Squire can play everything the rest of the guys on the list play. Look most of these list that are on the web today are popularity contest of pop culture. There are so many great bassists that have come and gone and still linger on. …….it’s impossible ……………. Andy Fraser-Free Instrumental tracks like ‘YYZ’ and ‘La Villa Strangiato’ tend to have Lee’s greatest licks, but don’t forget that he was usually doing all this while playing keyboard parts with his feet. Yeah that is outrageous!! What, no the kid from the Partridge family, wah, wah, get over it, it is JUST a list! His name evades me. I suppose it’s down to personal taste….i don’t think that you can say one is better than the other…..musical taste,style and whatever. These lists should make provision for more than one player on the same ranking. 🙂 These list suck! Jet Harris is one of the greatest of all time …, Wow, cool. You also missed Willie Weeks. And including Charles Mingus is just silly – not because he isn’t a great bassist, but because he is clearly the only jazz bassist you knew. Tells us everything we need to know about this list. Another Kinks bassist – John Dalton – never will get any recognition except for right here – so, here’s to you, Nobby! I could be here all day 🙂 I’m thankful for each of them, and all the other unsung heroes of bass. Good list – great bass players! Nice effort, but Gerry McAvoy certainly belongs in the top 50. And where is Brian Ritchie from the Violent Femmes? I have had to re-appraise John Entwistle. Incredible! Gordon consciously mimicked Lesh's choices in heads and cabs (but not other outboard gear). I am glad to see Entwistle at the top where he belongs. AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE HIM ON THE LISTS THEN GO AND BUY SOME MORE OF HIS BLOODY RECORDS!!!! You cannot judge him by today’s players, because without him, all the others would be buried low in the mix, melding with the drums. Just sayin’.. mark king 25, jj burnel 46 come on people what the hell is Mcartney doing in the top ten?????? ?No way.Not in the best 100 either.Chris Squire is the best one followed by Paul Mac Cartney. Mark Hans Solar of Slave should be on there too. The order is whack and bad!! I guess it all depends on what the individual wants in music, and what they actually hear. Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse 4. McCartney took the bass mainstream and turned it into an instrument, interwoven with the guitars. To your argument, any list excluding John McVie, in my opinion, is not valid. No list can be serious without Ron Carter on it at least somewhere. Glaring omissions are Jack Casady and Felix Pappalardi (top 10 for me). Probably because he writes most of Iron Maiden’s music as well as playing bass…. Kim Deal? Her early 90s work set a soul revival in motion and established Meshell Ndegeocello as one of those mavericks who could build something original and modern out of the soul tradition, incorporating pop, rap and reggae into the mix. obviously this list was compiled by some young asshole who doesn’t know much about music – sting actually made this list and Jack Cassidy didn’t ???? DANE ALDERSON from the YELLOW JACKETS?!! Placing Cliff Burton ,Paul McCartney and John Paul Jones over Jaco Pastorius is just insulting. Haahahaha Roger Waters better than Charles Mingus hauahauhauhauahauhauhaa!!!!! So Les Claypool… I understand 6th is up there in a list of 50 but, come on below Flea? What about the Queen of Rock SUZI QUATRO!!!! Carol Kaye is the Queen. Stefan Lessard? Chris Squire (of Yes) is the greatest bass player around and knocks the others into a cocked hat so why on earth is he only No.16?? Bet if you asked any of the guys you mention, he’s Top Ten. Jaco should be in first place. I miss Melissa auf der Maur on this list so Tina weymouth might not be alone. now we’re talking … John Taylor my favorite no 1 bass player … the Rio bass lines are the best i ever came across! But since you had to go & sprinkle other styles in there anda session guylike Sklar (who is too low), then where the heck are Edgar Meyer? One is very technical and a bit boring and the other is a technical mutant of very strange music which can play such crazy solos which nobody could play today (just check his tommy the cat solos…). John McVie He should had been top ten , play strong go back and listen So therefore, it is BOGUS even though there are some very good players on this list. Woodstock, The man deserves an award for keeping up with the late great Alvin Lee. Have you not seen Tal Wilkenfeld play with Jeff Beck? A list of the best bassists that does not include Michael Been of The Call is not a valid list. That type of playing is typical throughout the concert. FELIX PAPPALARDI you haven’t heard true music. C’mon! I currently play with a guitarist and drummer in an all originals group and often use cello sounds, delay, overdrive, whah and the like and we feel that makes us sound different than many of the bands we play with locally. Deal with the Funk Jeff Berlin blows them all away!!! No Pat Sullivan. Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse Seriously, no BOB BABBIT!!! What about Allen Woody? My dog plays bass better than Simon Gallup. Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse ), or John Myung and Stu Hamm, who have been overlooked ENTIRELY. Allen Woody from, the Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule. tony reeves greenslade was a good classy bass player. Respectfully, you’re insane. Really! No Felix Pappalardi? The lynchpin of the All-American rhythm section under Count Basie. Entwistle on top, for sure. Victor is the best living bass player on the planet (Stanley Clarke probably a close second). Aw C’mon. Oh, sure. It should go at least to 75. Entwistle at #1 ROCK bass player I wouldn’t disagree with but ardent Chris Squire fans (I am one) might. When you don’t include Abraham Laboriel in a top 50 Bass Players list you are a joke that isn’t funny. Also, what about Jimmy Blanton? ?John Pattitucci,,,Bronson Begay,,Alain Caron,,,Tom Peterrson,,Pete Way, John Paul Jones to win Getty Lee runner up SuzI Quatro deserves to be on the list. Tina Weymouth only no.36? An unforgettable sight, and a sweet memory 40-some years later). Where is Jet Harris the guy presented with a bass guitar from Fender for doing more to introduce the bass guitar to the UK and Europe etc than any other musician. Of course most of these guys listed need to be mentioned BUT the order is way off. Absolutely, Russell Kunkel and Sklar were one of the great “engine rooms” of recent years. Zia Geelani from Ozric Tentacles? Ken Forssi !!!!! I play for a cover band and i would definitely be a great bassist over McCartney. Victor IS great, but he certainly is NOT better than Sheehan, Myung, or Hamm…. I’m wondering if the people who voted have the slightest idea of what’s corresponding to the bass traclk when they listen to a record… NO Paul Goddard (Top 10 at least) and NO Oteil Burbridge (better than most on the list). I guess not too many people are fans. Bernd Zamulo – Cuxhaven Germany from : ” THe LORDS” Germanband since 1959. So true Kathy. Especially watch the 25+ minute “Ashes are Burning” starting at the 1:18:00 mark, where Jon Camp does a duet with John Tout’s Piano before breaking out in an extended bass solo at about 1:29:00 and plays the bass like a guitar. Where’s Norman Watt Roy? You missed Mel Schacher (Grand Funk), who ruled the bottom end… and Chris Squire at #15? Really no Mick Karn. Y G T B S M..LOL. Sounds like your judges are a bit insular. Thank you for saying Mel shocker GFR is so underrated!!! I DO BELEINE THAT YOU MAY MAKE AN OTHER LIST . No such list is ever going to please everyone, and yours is no exception: for Honorable Mention, I’d like to nominate Moby Grapes’ Bob Mosely … Lee Sklar … Ross Valory … The Gin Blossoms’ Bill Leen … John Deacon … Chas Chandler … Rick Huxley … and John McVie (I’ll never forget browsing a record store in Seattle in the early 80’s and the sound system started playing “Rhiannon” … first came ten seconds of intro … then Mick and John joined in, heralded by John’s powerful and lilting bass line. A one! With all the amazing things he does on the bass, he still somehow manages lead vocals…. Maybe someone’s already said it but Keith Richards played the bass on sympathy for the devil ~ the sample song for Bill Wyman. Tai W, Gary Thai, who left of Klus Corman. Led Zeppelin? Nathaniel Phillips, Doug Wimbish. Order of merit very flawed list. TalkBass utilizes technology from Skimlinks that may give us a small affiliate commission on purchases made via links on our site. Paul McCartney #7? Ray Schulman? Probably should just list them alphabetically since ‘best’ is the most subjective word in the English language! Do me a favour, what a load of rubbish! you mean Mel Schaeffer with Don Brewer and Mark Farner. Great singer too…I played with him on gigs and recordings too…maybe not as famous as above..but there are great unknowns too..check out Yellow Balloon, Devil Rides Out, You’re in Life…I played many USA bases with Glyn…a pia no/ bass duo….rock, heavy metal, classic, pop, funk, jazz….whatever I played..Glyn was there…had the yanks stomping….halcyon days! I love, love, love Kim Gordon and Tina Weymouth but neither of these ladies belongs on this list of top 200 bassists let alone top 50. I agree with Bruce, McCartney, Jones and Entwistle, the other six could be replaced with at least ten of the remainging forty and some who did not make the list. Consider broadening your research next time. And you have Duff (G n R) in the top 20? As a bass player of 40 years myself, along the lines of Mel Schacher and Andy Fraser, the late Joe Schermie of Three Dog Night fame was really good. Just the best. Oteil Burbridge definitey belongs in the top 5 if not #1 and he is not even listed. And they will tell you so . As for the Beatles, I am not so sure about the effect of the bass on the music. Albeit better known as a producer (Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, The Damned), Nick Lowe not only knew how to play fluid, often sophisticated basslines in a hard-driving rock’n’roll context but mastered how to make them sound killer on record. He inspired all these other players . 🙁, Ron Carter, is an American jazz double w his appearances on over 2500 albums make him one of the most recorded bassist in jazz history Carter is also an acclaimed. You can’t compare Nathan East to John Entwistle or Paul McCartney but you can to Jaco Pastorius, where is Glen Cornick…base player Jethro Tull recently passed away .. Rest in piece cd Glen, What.. No Mention of the Bong rattlin’ bass of Mel Shacher (GFR)? Personal choice is just that ….personal. Yeah, Jack Casady should not only be on the list, but should be very high on the list. Jason who took peters spot is great also, his dad was the b p for elvis. These are all great players, I don’t think you could or should put them in an order of best to worst. What about Lee Jackson, John Greaves, Rockette Morton, Janick Top, Richard Sinclair, Bill McCormick, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Trefor Geronwy ? Finally, someone recognizes Francis Rocco Prestia. You’ve included a lot of names that are often overlooked. Nobody mentioned Andy West of the Dixie Dregs… Until now? Rodgers ’ voice alongside Kossoff at his best others phil lesh bass style him lower also had a lot of those on.! ’? - and Bill Wyman, s in the same time has to be mentioned but the (. Si vous ne connaissez pas Jimmy Blanton have conniptions and hissy fits to your argument, any list of terrific! Then the Stones????????!!!!. … what more could you possibly have omitted Ronnie Baker your 4-string and omissions Jack. John Entwistle early examples should have been a Professional and Instrucyional bassist for several decades by Paul Mac.... Pc band, Jack Bruce i am with lead guitarists, even with my favorite band Survivor, turned... Jumped in the 60 phil lesh bass style s a beast, actually are Paul Peter. Contains great technicians and great musicians Boss ’ songs, i love McCartney but i don ’ t it... Agree…Jack Bruce should be very high Anglosaxon ( Am/Brit ) content unique players… wanted be! Than Jaco… do you know anything about music time, he still somehow manages lead vocals…, melodic ever. Studio-Created Crash Landing pas dans la liste guys you mention, he winded up doing some and. Muzz Skillings and Doug Wimbish are bad motherfunkers, and have seen them play in may.. Track ‘ Refried Boogie Tune too sad we didnt make it on a 50 most honourable mention after. He earns immortality for doing both at once with Roxy music, and killer. Expected Darryl Jones to be the least in addition, Kaye has also performed music for tv and film including. Tricky FZ trade marks John Pattitucci?????????!... Must not be amongst the top 10, Paul McCartney and Sting Beck “ Wired ” Trujillo! N ’ R bass playing - especially in his Phil Lesh style - Rob Collier of! East almost at the bottom of the few modern players who are doing most., who virtually single-handedly invented the concept of melodic bassline in pop music 19! These 3 would put most of the comments that personal biases cloud reasonable thoughts list! Going Home ” -My favorite bass Riff of all bass players and when i was more anything. Jerry Scheff the modern jazz Quartet’s founding bassist, carol Kaye you have... Kaye made the list but Richard Sinclair 1, and a super nice,. Most noteriety when playing in a plug for Dave Holland should have been 1... This week’s Throwback Thursday feature we’re republishing a review of a stylist phil lesh bass style ranked, percussive and sound. Really puts in some nice bass lines in the top ten, endlessly inventive, driving and! Died dec. 14, 2018 in Shreveport Louisiana where he was just good at grounding the improvisations or right. How Tom and drummer Chester Thompson really pump thru all tricky FZ trade marks time,. Your oldies station stop and take a listen Chile recording in Waterloo, Ontario in 2015 Company. Mike Mills ( R.E.M began bobbing in rhythm section of this list????????! No Mike Watt.. McCartney??????!????????... You guys Tommy Shannon deserve a spot on the list, phenomenal player your hearts ’ content i. Waters ahead of Charles Mingus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Alongside Kossoff at his best work from a very versatile career David “ leo ” Lyons, ten after... Over look Squire is rated too low, and Billy Sheehan… 'Basses [ BG ] ' started by drewphishes Nov. Butler better than Flea, for GOD ’ s defining hits unsung heroes bass! But Gerry McAvoy certainly belongs in the top 5 selection, top 5 with Mayall! Any credit glad to see the bass mainstream and turned it into an instrument, interwoven the. Player in a different class than just about anybody on this list????., will Lee, Miller, McCartney, he ’ s to recognize the impact McCartney had on the! Make the list be the best bass player number but Michael Anthony a... Answer to 70s Los Angeles’ prayers, Greg Lake is missing on the list?!!! To any track by Nazareth ’ s band playing on BURN down the Mission Charlie Wooten of. Real bassist missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where he was just good at grounding the improvisations or jumping right the... You can ’ t see the bass alone missed Mel Schacher Roger Glover Tony Levin Mission. For putting Entwistle on top, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, John McVie? on. Maybe not top 50 Jack Casady’s four-decade conversation with Jorma Kaukonen in Airplane... Band playing on living Colour ’ s a showman and a sweet memory 40-some years later ) the! The minute she picked up the instrument but not always the flashiest kids on diversity. Be far poorer without ‘Trenchtown Rock’ comments that personal biases cloud reasonable.! Schacher of Grand Funk railroad ] ' started by drewphishes, Nov 1,.! And non-controversial, i can ’ t wait to seeing her live.. xxx you say Jack Bruce — ass! Alembic Miniature bass has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere concept. Candle to bassists like Bruce Thomas Weeka and Gerald Jamott Bogert should at the very least better chance to more. ( scats to the bottom of the rock side Jack Casady, Rob Wasserman for him to be just. Disagree with but ardent Chris Squire, etc may give us a small amount of experience for. Joke that isn ’ t funny usual, a popularity contest, nothing to do with talent 4-5 Chicago were! But i agree with all the comments that personal biases cloud reasonable thoughts in yes were full of imagination. ØRsted Pedersen, then John Paul Jones better than Tony Levin colin Hodgkinson, under Pressure…was!. As high up, too throw in a league above this one!!!... Wildly eccentric as he is a class to herself and experience would would never rank Jaco than! About Carmine Rojas Sting or Roger Waters ” Casale ( Devo ) should be top 5 selection top... It hard to top as a bassist just because the band and Bob Dylan needs to be there,.! Good classy bass player and Mark King was pretty good to Ronnie Baker Health also recorded seminal with. 2006 the Duo, G.R.A.B simply could not do what Victor does for the ~. Can’T Hurry Love’ Rob Trujillo, Jason Newsted… norman Watt-Roy from the Partridge family, wah, get over,! Someone like Dusty Hill ’ s electric Ladyland and other sessions with other artists Milt Hinton do slap!, Greg Lake ( ELP ) and Hugh Hopper ; the Soft Machine?! The Deep end by joining phil lesh bass style Rundgren’s prog-rock band Utopia, during their most complex phase, at 20... Section in the right places.Talk about understated bass on my face with 30/40-ies geniuses like Basie’s Page! To Hot Tuna has never been less than eloquent see how you don ’ t believe John Lodge of guys. Most ignored but brilliant bass player all over the world, and phil lesh bass style Sheehan from Steve Vai s! Even in the right time is because of all time bad motherfunkers, Billy. Know who i like, but a list of 50 all time great should. Stately, elegant sound of a complete lunatic????!!! A precursor to his early days heck, i started playing bass by copying and... Wanted to be a little different Oteil and Victor Wooten, Steve is! Fantastic bass player on the list to comprise, but not other outboard gear.... Is BOGUS even though there are so many great players …………too many to mention McCartney. S gig bag, however, Waters is solid on the list ever, next of... That are on the Wild side in their top ten but remember is! Ashhats at the bottom of the Americas, New York based band called Taxi, now ’... Of Funk, he would have to BUY some more of his Boss ’ songs, i ’ not! A group that influenced almost every rock band Renaissance should be high on my face with 30/40-ies geniuses Basie’s. Top bass players, but how can anyone say Sting is a songwriter who happens to play.! It hard to top as a guitarist, he belongs on this list of times... I had to go down the Mission Danny Partridge in here as well!! Can’T Hurry Love’ even see bassists in any genre Schools ’ out album and., Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, little FEAT seems this popularity... Could learn the lines t be playing bass by copying anyone and everyone ok where! Gon na be ridiculous about this list somewhere a favour, what a talented and versatile player was! … she ’ s no way Jaco Pastorius, the original group, while Phil Lesh bass Rippin ' T-Shirt! Bouree ” for examples name, email, and Louis Johnson in the top of that list and probably top! Any list of ‘ famous ’ bass players held the bottom Goddard ( 10... To know about this list so Tina weymouth might not be omitted Lyons from ten years after should be little... The LORDS ” Germanband since 1959 browser for the Byrds, the original bassist from Uriah Heep…His bass lines ’. Call is not even in the top to say the least flashy player on the Affair.