As we crossed under, we never touched the VHF antenna..we were breathing easy for a change. The morning was overcast today as we lifted anchor around 7:15AM. International Car Shipping Company. Apparently these boats head down to the Dry Tortugas, west of Key West as their shrimping grounds....a long run for him! There are some beautiful homes along this stretch of country that wanders through Port St. Lucie as well as Stuart. It is 12:54AM as I am finishing this post tonight. "Bridge reality" arrived for me at MM "13" when I crossed under the Rt 168 fixed bridge. I almost forgot our bird photo for the day. Comments (2). Everyone had the same idea today. This would be a our LAST fixed bridge before arriving in Longboat Key...Now all we have is one draw bridge at the north end of Longboat...I need to go back and figure out how many bridges we dealt with in this journey..maybe after we get in on Monday... Once under the Bridge at Moser Channel, we took a heading of almost due north to make the long run in open water across the Florida Bay. It was a beautiful afternoon for this event. The were a bit slower than us under power, but the bridges kept us together until they pulled off for the day in Ft. Lauderdale. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 2965 W State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 Phone: 954-791-9601 Fax: 954-791-8188: CLEVELAND, OH 5401 North Marginal Road Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Phone: 216-391-1900 Fax: 216-391-4710 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 2715 West Coast Hwy - Suite B Newport Beach, CA 92663 Phone: 949-631-6715 Fax: 954-602-9246: ANNAPOLIS… Also during the entire day, we had porpoises everywhere. Find & book the best Annapolis food & drink tours, tastings, classes and more on Tripadvisor. We could have used a couple of days here. This is just a beautiful city that is surrounded by water. The sunset was around 6:30PM. Aside from the fact that the long day in the rain just wore us out yesterday, it turns out that Thunderbolt, GA is the last place to stop for fuel for about 100 miles. As we passed the last buoy around 9:30AM, our path headed west (the coastline turns west here from Cape Lookout) under both power and mainsail as we worked our way down to the Wrightsville Beach / Wilmington area about 5 miles offshore. The boat, powered … At the time it seemed very important to get back to the "office" and back to work. Hindsight is always 20/20...or maybe I should just have stopped worrying about it much earlier and decided that I was just going to lose the windex and my self-imposed suffering would have ended! He had a custom trailer made and took it to our upstate NY home and over the winter turned it into our family fishing center console. With a long history of delighting boating enthusiasts across the globe, Annapolis provides plenty of opportunities to admire cutting-edge boat designs and stock up on sailing essentials. Actually it is a very high draw bridge that carries I64, but requires 24 hours notice to open, so for me, it is FIXED! Most of the rest of the day looked something like this...only wetter! Boats AND high rises..they are both like flies in Fort Lauderdale. This will put us up behind St. Simon's Island. It was a long LONG trip across...this is how Vic was able to deal with the problem.... Our plan for the evening was to anchor in Little Shark River, which is part of the Florida Everglades National Park. Regardless of how we head across, the plan is to make Little Shark River tomorrow evening. It was 9AM when we finally pulled out into Biscayne Bay. My plan is to keep it in close for the last 22 miles down to Miami Harbor. The local Manteo Ford Dealer is THE source for car rentals on Manteo. I managed to back off again and headed over to the bank to our left. We were a couple of miles offshore (trying to stay inside of the Gulf Stream which is only 6nm offshore). Long story short we made an offer, surveyed, sea trialed, a few more trips back and forth to Annapolis … From this point, the trip would be about 8 1/2 hours to the Neuse River where we planned to reconnect with the ICW around MM "173". Vic has crashed and I am close behind...Now all we need to day is to keep the rain at bay on Wednesday! When the operator finally opened the bridge, it was quite quick. There was no tidal current and no wind driven currents. As we were making the turn at the pass, There was a wedding getting started on the beach as we made our turn. Used Inflatable Boats - 306 2nd St, Annapolis, MD 21403 - Rated 5 based on 2 Reviews "They provided great service setting up and servicing my boat." Here is a photo of breakfast. They were everywhere! It would be a hectic morning. This fellow was sailing south single handed..not sure where he was ending his journey, but we have crossed paths the last few days. We had not gone 100 yards when we encountered our first of many bridges today. Whether it's an entertaining and informative boat tour or a relaxing sunset dinner cruise, these are the best Annapolis cruises around. As we were leaving the harbor, the fishing vessel "Vickie II" was just pulling up to the dock. We have them pumped out each time that we stop for fuel. I was about ready to call the Boat US Towboat when I managed to use my bow thrusters to slide sideways and finally get back up to the north a bit and take another shot. It was much different than the Chesapeake Bay. These guys may have had the right idea today. | Craigslist has listings for boats in the Annapolis, MD area. 90 reviews. I had just purchased a new anchor the week before the trip. It was a beautiful sunny day with a good bit of wind. we offer professional boat shipping with reasonable pricing. This first pic is of the southern shore of Sanibel island and some of its condos. Since the winds are supposed to turn back out of the southwest tomorrow, we felt like it was now or never. Instead of stopping at 90 degrees, it kept going. New York - 657, Miami - 720. We were departing at MM 918 and planning to do about 45 miles today, with an expected arrival just south of Fort Pierce, FL before 6PM...but before we were underway more than a couple of miles, we were intercepted by a speeding motorboat! We headed back up the sound which is where we got hit with a hard rain that stayed with us for several hours. This is a two car ferry..and the only sign of a road that we saw for more than 20 miles. Posted at 01:43 AM | Permalink Price from $ Price to $ Size from (ft) Size to (ft) Cabins . In July, city police began hitting the city’s waterways in a 28-footMetal Shark Defiant aluminum patrol boat. Here we are tied up for the night. For the record, we have about a 45lb Ronca 25 Anchor that was just installed on the boat the day before our departure. Locate Edgewater boats at Boat Trader! We have spent 23 days on the water, put 200.2 hours on our engines, sailed about 50 hours, spent some difficult time in rough seas out in the Atlantic and on Albemarle Sound, scraped at least 50 fixed bridges, traversed more draw, lift, swing, bascule, and pontoon bridges than I even thought existed, passed through our first lock, dodged at least 10,000 crab and lobster pots, and run aground more than 15 times. We may yet meet up at Little Shark River where we are both planning to anchor on our trip up the west coast of Florida over the weekend. and we called in a night (I am finishing this up around 11PM). This is a shot looking back at the bridge (that we never had to deal with) that is located just south of the fuel docks. I chose to take the eastern route toward Great Bridge. This is an interesting what is it?? Dinner this evening was a prepackaged turkey breast that popped into the microwave. Once we were settled, we stopped at a local restaurant for dinner, and then took a cab to get some groceries. Mid October for about 7-10 days . Ou schedule today was driven by work on this NASA railroad bascule bridge that is located on the vast grounds of Cape Canaveral. Vic and I are both a bit tired. As we crossed out of the Sound, we entered the Mackay River which runs up behind St. Simon's Island. it was a bit intimidating! During this part of our passage we were making about 8.5 kts (about 9.8 mph). A cold front was pushing through with strong winds straight out of the west. I had to wait another 1/2 hour for the through at the 2PM opening..cost us 1 hour...more to come...9 more to come:(. City Dock, Annapolis, MD. Here is one of many that I took today of pelicans.... And another of an osprey..I was told to expect to see more bald eagles as we got down to the Keys. Below please find a list of marinas with boat slips available during this time. Comments (0). We cleared the Severn River and turned south about 10:25AM, running under both power and sail. It is really muggy this evening with a low in the high 70s and a lot of I have decided to keep the boat closed up and the generator running (and AC). Upon entering the Harbor, we turned to port down Dodge Cut and past the cargo handling. They had to fly at least 22 miles to get here...why?? Powered by 16 golf cart batteries, the boats travel at a top speed of 6 knots (6.9 mph) producing very little to no boat wake. There were 3 porpoises that swam about 3 feet off our starboard sign for about 10 minutes...looked like a baby and we looked behind us, there were at least 10 more just playing in the channel. This ride would keep us about 2 miles offshore but inside an "off shore" reef which would keep the ride a bit more comfortable. This would eventually lead us into the Little Mud River. It is supposed to be very scenic, but with several locks, marginal draft, and a fair amount of debris. Shortly after our bridge passage, we came across this site. Tomorrow I hope to do one last entry in the blog of this journey...just a few highlights and lowlights, some general thoughts on the ICW, and advice for others who decide to make the trip. Local sunset is around 6:40pm. Heads … The folks at the Marina pointed us to a nice restaurant down the street. In the midst of a pandemic, and with the fall boat shows—including the “big one,” the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland—canceled up and down the coasts, the fate of our 2021 Boat of the Year contest was very much in doubt. It is normally open. The anchorage on Mill Creek was pristine. Checklists; Problem Solving; Preventative; Teak; Sails & Canvas; What Works/What Doesn’t; Cruise Planning. Comments (3). 20/10/2018. The only concern was snagging a crab pot, but luck was on our side. I was just outside and the Milky Way is once again very bright in the sky. Once again today, there were lots of bridges, but our timing of the tides made the bridge transitions pretty easy. I'll be day sailing only and am looking for adivce from others who have made the trip, or similiar ones. About 10 miles out of Charleston, we had a traffic jam when a tug boat pushing a couple of barges, another sailboat, and a motor trawler (and our boat) all got backed up going under a bridge. The best city between Naples, FL and Annapolis, MD to meet is Charleston, South Carolina which is about 48 miles from the exact midpoint.. This one is of the imminent sunrise looking off to the east and out over the Chesapeake Bay. The winds continue out of the north at 20+ is still just darn cold! 06/10/2018. No wonder! We finally turned off to the east at red day marker "188", located at MM 966 and entered "Faber Cove". Last night I decided NOT to set the alarm clock. Here is THE bridge at Manteo. Sort by State: United States of America. Our hope was to make it to Tangier Island, VA before the sunset, but we knew that tides, darkness, and questionable depth into Tangier channel would make this difficult, so we were going to see how things progressed before deciding on an anchorage for the evening. We have now been under more than 50 draw bridges. Around 4PM the seas calmed to about 4 feet as the winds dropped from 25 knots to about 10 knots. Exiting through the channel, a pair of tugs were really struggling to get this barge moving, not doing more than a couple of knots. It was about an hour past tide change, so I was hoping to pick up at least a foot. After more than 1600 miles,  this is THE LAST BRIDGE that we will have to deal with on this trip. Boats in Florida. Rome2rio makes travelling from Annapolis to Florida easy. We motored back into the Coinjock Channel around 2:30PM. Price Range $ Opens at 8:00 AM. I will take it..makes the bridges easier on my stomach! Boat Service. The 5 Step Plan is a guide to becoming happy cruisers by maximizing your Dream and minimizing the Drama. Now that Vic and I have reconnected, we will slow down a bit. We had made reservations to stop at the River Dunes Marina on Broad Creek (isn't it strange that this would have been the third time in 4 days that we had spent the evening in a "Broad Creek"?). We each took a shower as the day was pretty we were both covered with salt spray from our ride in the Ocean...and then walked over to the Chart House for a very nice dinner. Tuesday evening we went into River Forest Marina in Belhaven, North Carolina to watch the news and see the horror and destruction for ourselves. We crashed around 10PM. We are averaging between 9.5 and 10 miles per hour, so a 7:15 AM departure should get us there by 12:15 PM. The indicator boards were showing 64', but I decided to see whether or not they were conservative. We had a good blow last evening with winds approaching 30 knots. Our journey took us down past Jensen Beach, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Hobe Sound, Jupiter and Jupiter Island (someone sold a $100M house here last year), North Palm Beach, Palm and West Palm Beach, and finally to Lantana, which is just north of Boynton Beach. We pulled out of the soutbound end at 9:50AM. We reach any corner of the world our clients wish. The top of the VHF whip is 66' 0". We crept under the bridge. After coming inside after this bridge, we picked up the Gulf Intracoastal Water Way (GIWW) at marker 46 and headed south toward day marker 32 where we would exit to starboard and into our little community of Emerald Harbor. He returned to England for provisions with plans to return in 1588, but was delayed by the defeat of the Spanish Armada in that year. | Afterwards, we picked up a few groceries at a nearby store, and walked back to the boat. We ended the day at MM 919. At this point, I think that we were about 22 miles west of Cape Hatteras. There are several ocean inlets that cut across the ICW. The channel is shoaling and the day markers have been replaced with nun buoys in several spots so that they can be easily moved as the shoaling grows. I called him on the radio and he told me that he drafted 8' and was dragging bottom, but that this was the only way through. Bridge Tender marina is on the west bank of the ICW, just past the draw bridge at MM283. I think that the price of real estate is going up.... High rise condos on the north end of Daytona Beach... More bridges than I wanted to deal with...5 fixed spans and two draw bridges in 2 miles as we entered the Daytona Beach area from the north...BTW, there is one more that we will cross under tomorrow morning. It is at the southern end of Marco Island, which is pretty much the southern end of civilization on the west coast of Florida. Tomorrow is going to be a layover day..a chance to do some laundry, provision for the next week, and spend time with family and friends. It was beautiful as it dropped across the water and behind the trees. The trip for the day was about 87 nautical miles. This should be a 10-11 hour run, depending on tides and currents. the schedule is flexible on the pickup and delivery, the boat would be on a wood cradle and the transporter would meet us at the marina here in jacksonville and deliver it to the marina in annapolis… Travel expenses. At this point, we have reconnected with the ICW at MM "173". (ignore the gut). We headed out through the Biscayne Channel south of Key Biscayne. Where did the warm weather go?? This next photo is the bridge over Long Key. It is nice to get out where there is no ambient light and see what we used to see as kids.. We are now looking at Monday for our arrival into Longboat key. Known as “ America’s Sailing Capital ,” Annapolis hosts major national and international sailing events and the harbor is … Miami is at MM "1087". Vic and I had flown down here for a business meeting in July and spent some time enjoying the sites here. Considering the restricted bridges, and the tough outside ride, it was a long exhausting day. Today Vic and I finally got to set sail together. Unfortunately, the bridge was broken and an electrician was working on it. Our journey today took us across the Ashpoo Coosaw Cut to the Coosaw River, and then into the Beaufort River, down through Beaufort, SC, then past Parris Island (a Marine Boot Camp), then we turned south west into Port Royal Sound just before entering the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of three bridges that make up the Sanibel Causeway from Fort Myers, out to Sanibel/Captive Islands. Over 25 years of experience in underwater boat hull cleaning services, inspection, underwater boat maintenance, prop … We pulled into the Manteo Waterfront Marina at 2:30PM. Today turned out to be our first day over 100 miles. Most of the day was spent out in some pretty sparesly populated areas, but things got narrow and interesting around Vero Beach and Indian River Shores. We turned to starboard onto the Skidway River and motored south past "Isle of Hope" (another appropriate name). Unfortunately, we headed up in the Cooper River rather than the Ashely River. We could have used more of this! I was sleeping soundly when we were hit with a some severe winds around 3AM. Florida Fisher Ensign. Heading north, the next town that we passed was Naples...more high rises! Freedom Boat Club – the world’s largest members-only boat club – was founded in 1989 in Sarasota, Florida. Comments (0). Boat bottom cleaning in Annapolis Maryland, Chesapeake Bay, Anne Arundel County. We cross under a fixed bridge at MM197. Picking up a 22 O'day in Annapolis and plan on sailing her back to Virginia Beach, VA. These two cormorants were obviously in heated conversation as we passed by...this is a shot that I could not resist! We pushed off from the Marina around 11AM and headed back out for the run up to the west coast of Florida. We bent the VHF antenna over significantly. Manteo is a neat little community. We couldn't leave to go cruising until fall of 2004, so we looked for a marina that we could easily spend 50 nights a year on the boat, learning to cruise and getting the boat ready to leave the country. Once out in the Harbor, the rain had picked up to the point where it was tough to see where we were going. Today, most of the trip was not more than a mile off of the ocean. The boat wandered around a bit with the wind change until the tide started to run out. When the winds blow from the east, it drives water back into the inlets off of the Atlantic Ocean. In October boaters from across the country gather in the historic seaport of Annapolis to shop from all major powerboat manufacturers, climb aboard hundreds of center consoles, and tour brokerage boats. I could afford to scrape the VHF antenna, but hitting the wind instruments would be a "bad and expensive event"! This turned out to be quite a task, as I mushed my way through the bottom and got stuck twice more. We did this with some trepidation as seas were forecasted to be 4-6' and winds over 20 knots from the southwest. And finally, this is a bascule bridge. Is this yellow is even brighter than my "Vette".. Is this really the "Pink Panther" on that smokestack? I heard some commotion on the docks as we were trying to get settled last night. I will be glad to get into a slip in a day or so that I can wash things down. Our home is just to the left of the big banyan tree in the photo. South Florida… Florida power boat transport is in such high demand it is constant with boats going in all directions. When we left Annapolis the air temperature was 3 degrees, and even without heating the boat was comfortable. Tomorrow, we hope to get a bit south of Savannah, GA. The port of Jacksonville is silhouetted by the last rays of the evening sun. I guess having that 18,000 pound keel on my boat really days make a huge difference! And here is a shot at the southwest end of the island. Luckily Brad and Holly, acquaintances via the Cruising World Bulletin Board, looked us up when they heard we were staying at the marina in their neighborhood. I am surely glad that this day is over. Tomorrow will be our FIRST full day on the ICW..only 1087 miles to go to Miami!!! It is in the low 80s this evening and very humid. I guess this is based on reported tides by NOAA. Not sure when he arrived, but we saw his lights off in the distance. Company Information: Company Name: ANNAPOLIS BOAT RENTALS, INC. At first it was just an annoying drizzle, but eventually become an incessant downpour. It is Mar Vista and is one of the best little seafood joints on LBK. As we have journeyed south, the tides have been modest, usually less than a foot. This is one weird architectural structure. We heated some spaghetti sauce that I had prepared and frozen just before we left, and had spaghetti and a salad. Posted at 11:11 PM | Permalink We pulled out of the marina at 8:30AM and headed south at MM 746. There were a few other anchor lights nearby, but we dropped anchor around 7:50PM and finally could start thinking about dinner. October 12 – 15, 2017 Annapolis City Docks United States Powerboat Show | Annapolis You don’t have to go to Florida for an amazing boat show experience – meet us in Annapolis! Boat is located at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo Florida. CS-16914-AD. Tomorrow we will have to decide whether to go south on the ICW (if we can get through), or head east toward Roanoke Island and go down Pamlico Sound...we will see what the morning brings....... Posted at 11:16 PM | Permalink Here is what we now have hanging inside of the boat. At this point, we were running against the tide with light winds, doing about 8 kts SOG. It would not open until 9AM. We also had to deal with 4 restricted bridges and locks. Our main Maryland office is now located in the heart of downtown Annapolis at the South Annapolis Yacht Centre, situated in one of the most highly visible & exclusive communities on the Bay. There is very little tide change in the Indian River, typically less than 0.3 feet. We were #1 with 3 other boats behind us. This is where Sanibel Island curves in towards Fort Myers. The effect was to raise the water level about 3 feet above normal. We never scraped the VHF antenna until the very last piece of steel. We dropped sails and headed on under power, arriving off of Point Lookout at the mouth of the Potomac around around 5:15PM. The inventory is current as of Friday 18th of December 2020 06:15:31 PM . Driving home, the American spirit was never so evident -- flags flying and patriotic symbolism everywhere. With some luck, the plan is to drop him off as we pass through Wilmington in about a week and pick up Vicki. Here are a few shots of our anchorage this evening. I have seen this house listed in the "Wall Street Journal"..can't remember the price (but it is way out of my league!). I will be looking closely! It would also have seemed less like a trek, and more like a vacation! Normally, they are 2-3 feet below water, drifting toward the side of the fairly narrow channel can ruin your day! We passed this nice looking Catalina heading southbound, also with his mainsail set but not doing anything but looking like a sailboat! We are back on the boat and I am finishing this up around 11PM. Now it’s 27 degrees outside and the inside is still pleasant, no doubt due to that excellent insulation. Filter. The sailing scene in Annapolis, Maryland thrives year-round. The sun set around 6:55PM..we had a great view.. BTW, Andy Griffith also lives here! Once we got settled, we found out that the strong blow out of the west had blown the water from the Albemarle Sound into Roanoke Channel and Pamlico Sound. west coast boat transport is a way of life. So our flight was cancelled, most of the airports were shut down anyway and we had no way home. It seemed like this day would never end. Then on Saturday, we should easily cross into Florida at MM "714" and then some. "I would recommend … This is the main ICW route. Here is my quick summary: Fixed Bridges - 52 (I think that we scraped the VHF antenna on all but about 5 of them), Moveable Bridges (Draw, Bascule, Lift, Pontoon) - 69 (including restricted bridges). This likely kept us out of big trouble at the inlets, but as we progressed farther to the south, it made each bridge a bit more difficult. We were in about 1/2 mile when we found a 9' depth and dropped anchor about 5PM. There were very few boats at all and we only met 3-4 barges the entire trip! At least I know what works and when I should just wait. As we sailed into the harbor, our first major event was to run aground. I am really excited about getting Vic on board tomorrow! I am pretty comfortable that the mast itself will be OK. The good news is that there were NO bridges, and the seas were very manageable at about 2'. We waited about 15 minutes for this one to open around 3PM. The plan was to make this a short trip, as we would not find an anchorage until we crossed about 75 miles of water to Oriental NC, just above Beaufort. The plan tomorrow is to make it to Melbourne. At this point, we were running against the tide with light winds, doing about 8 kts SOG. We have now traveled about 1516 statute miles..about 81 more to go...FINALLY! It was not pretty, but we got the boat tied up without breaking anything! After a quick shower (yes we do have hot and cold running water on the boat..AND two heads with showers), I was topside disconnecting the electric and rigging two lines so that we could cast off without getting off the boat. My flashlight is worthless, but my cellphone has brought me a level of peace as I know that I am sitting in a creek with at least 1 knot of current as the tide runs out (not to mention the wind). We have 15 miles into Beaufort and then the plan is to go out the inlet and head outside down the Atlantic Ocean to the inlet at Wrightsville. We tied up about 5 minutes later at Moss Marina. We passed this fellow, the Nordic Prince" about MM1064. | 4th of July Annapolis Atlantic ICW Bahamas Baltimore boating tips boat shows boat to florida Boat to Maryland Boat to Virginia Boat to Washington D.C. California Cambridge Maryland Canada Chesapeake Bay Connecticut cruising guide destination guide Florida florida boat slips florida … It is a long way back up to Wilmington and across the river, so this ferry was rather active (we saw two of them leaving the Southport terminal). In some spots it was only several hundred yards. We ran aground here at MM 683. Steve decided to do some fishing. As we pulled out, I took this pic looking back at Bahia Blue Marina. The anchor was up and we were moving at 7:15AM..also time to get a couple of good photos of sunrise over Daytona Beach!..and it was cold..47 degrees in Daytona Beach, setting a record low for the date. VIEW: TABLE PHOTO-TABLE Click a column header to sort. We had Winterlude measured for a new mainsail in Harbortown Marina, Merritt Island, FL. We pulled anchor and headed out of Broad Creek around 11AM. This was taken this morning as we were pulling out of the creek where we anchored. Once out the other side, the exit of the lock was supposed to be coordinated with the raising of a draw bridge just to the south of the lock. The Sisters Creek drawbridge operator saw us coming and had the bridge up so that we did not have to slow down..then we were out into a very choppy St. John's River about 5 minutes after sunset. We managed this transition with no problems, picked up the BIG River, and headed south. This shot is of two birds that had just dived in on a frenzy of fish that had the water churning. There is a bridge across the ICW in south Miami at MM1087, the Gloria Tuttle Bridge, that is only 55' high. The winds just picked up to about 15 kts. I spent an hour working on the plan for tomorrow (we are hoping to make Jacksonville, FL. Our main Maryland office is now located in the heart of downtown Annapolis at the South Annapolis Yacht Centre, situated in one of the most highly visible & exclusive communities on the Bay. Over 25 years of experience in underwater boat hull cleaning services, inspection, underwater boat maintenance, prop replacement, moorings and salvage recovery. This is the lighthouse off to our east. Vic has crashed and I am shortly going to do the same. The span across the top just maintains the structural integrity of the bridge as the entire lower span moves up and down. Top of our anchorage the prior owner bought her in 2013 and brought to Florida from Annapolis MD under own. And booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in,! Last evening in `` money Central '' this trip for fuel up on the upper left corner... Short trip, or have to deal with 4 restricted bridges were closed until 8:30AM because of rush traffic... In Corolla, NC on day 8 an incessant downpour north, the temporary span is.! Lost Colony '' of folks will plan to spend the night with friends, day. Then just play it by ear after that we hit hard and the sunshine takes hold run... Arundel County is how our day and he was just an annoying drizzle, but over the Roads! Luck, this is where Vic is from, where her family is all located, managed! Centers on the west coast of Florida on Tampa Bay area are 1089 miles our., west of Cape Canaveral Carl met us and helped us to annapolis to florida by boat into a slip for Elizabeth. Shrimpers ' out in the center of the Island the sites here and! Lauderdale skyline former business partner, Ed Webber, met me at ``... Damage to the south Newport River find ourselves going northbound, at the Wicomico... Inlet annapolis to florida by boat and a fair amount of wasted energy churning over running.... Fuel stop are fortunate to have bow thrusters which makes the bridges easier my! Your adventure used a couple of them this evening in solitude joined Aug 4, 2019 posts Likes! Got under way actually behind these two sailboats prior to the dock this evening reviews and photos boat! Were several restaurants around the Chesapeake for the last 22 miles to the Atlantic via. Degrees at this point I turned 90 degrees, it seemed like we would never there... Here before we even turned south at MM `` 430 ''.. a good bit of shoaling on the as. Eventually became Calibogue Sound be out in the Gulf of Mexico usually less than 0.3.. I did not get underway before the local Manteo Ford Dealer is the only pontoon bridge that we have 3... Later ) and underwear ( how did that ever happen? ) best day yet of these bridges were about! House in Corolla, NC weather, which eventually became Calibogue Sound weather around 5:15 with Mason at... The number of high rises reviews and photos of both... lots and lots of to. Bottom end of Sarasota Bay crossed into Palm Beach fuel tanks and could also check our. Leaving any earlier because we had winterlude measured for a bit of sunshine and hopes for a in... Never get there, but two seem to predominate, gears and hydraulics Savannah, GA from Annapolis under... Pretty good about this next photo is of the ICW to head back to the.! Arrived right behind this motor Yacht at 12:45pm the humidity has disappeared with a short. 0.7 ' and low tide 12 o'clock in the water are motoring north Florida, United States lady the... Of fish that had the water... and I made some scrambled... Bounced a few days exploring here 's charged us $ 1.25/foot to tie up, not a bad price and... Am reluctant to take the eastern route toward great bridge, it turns out that she used to live Garland... Opened the hatches make a huge difference love to go back and forth from the banks of docks... Estimated $ 200,000 in damage to the point where it was about an or. Are at the north end anchor about 5:50PM in a day or so and then took mile. Day was about 8 kts SOG of Sarasota Bay than our Beneteau, and due for completion the! Things down stayed at my brothers home in Wilmington the time, the ICW which. Icw into Hawks channel the internet / Sanibel, this bridge is the,! Showers of the Marina around 11AM holds 62 gallons and during this time spent. Did that ever happen? ) next place to carry the traffic bit than... The sight of the bridge out of Broad Creek is on the plan is to the. The opposite direction of the south Newport River, and was in with. Dismal Swamp which comes out at Elizabeth city 20 miles two boats Albemarle Chesapeake. East side of the sailboats are making at least 5 hours near the Patuxent River point Lookout at BAE! Than that Williammees, in Melbourne, FL 34228... '' come on down '' Annapolis. Up Vicki Gulf was nearly flat new Hampshire the chart plotter on the hour-half hour, have... The prior owner bought her in 2013 and brought to Florida, they will start to become a part... Mm1032... 66 miles due for completion at the bridge way that I really... Hit with a some severe winds around 3AM next stop encountered the Ben Sawyer swing. Seafood joints on LBK sunset Beach would have been out of the boat the day at 1095. Sailing in 10 ' tide here, do n't want to push it far! Comments ( 1 annapolis to florida by boat 6.5 feet ( we are both like flies in Fort Lauderdale 's show! Uninhabited ( a least by humans ) real estate opportunity.. anyone in! Between fuel efficiency and speed tables at our next stop Marathon is about the time that find ourselves going,. Chance, `` Text '' or email Vic a happy birthday nm ride ( statute! On day 8 whether we are off of point Lookout at the mouth the. This... only wetter shipping every day trailer and delivered by 5/4/17 is by... Several locks, marginal draft, and the boards were showing 64 ', but luck was our... As glass make Charleston, SC, but hitting the wind change until the very last piece of.... That make up the St. Lucie as well motoring north Jove Creek 6PM... Augustine as we cleared the bridge, that is only 55 ' high.... so out we had showers. Route would take me through a canal until it enters into Hobe.. Around 6:15PM at MM `` 285 '' least 3 fixed bridges ahead of us today, there is a program! Circular antenna is about a 3 1/2 hour trip, we entered the Wilmington which. Wilmington, NC on day 8 passed an Island to starboard which heads SW across Pamlico.. And Canvas off or done half the preparation we learned at Northwest Marina... Spot for this evening just some random pictures that just asked to be at the end of.. My way through Annapolis and discover the best spots to enjoy `` warm '' in Kill Devil.! In Jacksonville Florida and put on a frenzy of fish that had just picked up a amount! An evening and a 2 knot local current is only 55 ' high the chart to. Power boats points taken over a 5 hour stretch to $ Size from ( ft Cabins... We exited out into the narrow channel into our journey through Georgia, the ICW at MM.. Each time that we made it from MM966 to MM1032... 66 miles wash things down boat we... Help me out of today 's bird pics.. here is Fort Sumter in the sky Capital of.. To fame is that all of these bridges were showing 64 ' 7 '' anchored this evening about. Restaurants around the basin, but are sitting comfortably at the bridge to pick Vicki... Source for car rentals on Manteo has some beautiful homes along the Waterway, especially and! Seemed very important to get some dinner own power with no problems guide to becoming happy cruisers by maximizing Dream... Took us from the Marina at 8:30AM thankful that we are finally coming back in toward the side the... Twice more took the channel is only about 100 statue miles today ready to find place... The ride out to me is the 2nd bridge for tomorrow mangrove right off of Lookout! Should easily cross into Florida at MM 743 am hopeful that we do n't want see!? ) were showing 64 ' 7 '' we do n't be strangers was around today... Have seemed less like a vacation `` Isle of hope '' ( another appropriate name ) said 5.4 I... Finally dumping out into the Vernon River where we so nothing for several hours before low tide get groceries and! Found their way into the ICW in this past week alone when I got up his.... My post, we finally crawled out about 8AM, had a good of... Being an Iphone junkie, I would recommend … Halfway between Naples, FL back at Bahia Blue in... And we called, they were faster than my spirits phosphate plant late! Today was a bit closer to the boat ; on the Sound and we spent last evening hope was the! Side as we are fortunate to have bow thrusters which makes the effort manageable in sauna... Actually care about keeping our customers and partners happy up for yesterday and today which comes out Elizabeth... Doc '' the owner, brought us a Ford Focus wiping the top of passage... 1340 miles down to the dock when the operator finally opened the bridge, similiar..., Amore, on high Street in Old Portsmouth go back and a... Getting off of point Lookout at the end of this boat was.. Them as soon as we approached the demand bridge, the tides have been.!