Driving time - about 40 minutes. Crooked Falls flowing in April. It also has a lot of impressive rock formations and boulders along the trail. (RCMP handout) Related Stories. The Siguard Creek forms the waterfall and it plummets down the mountain in a very unique twisted fashion. This hike is just a 30-minute drive from Squamish town and is less busy than some of … Squamish Valley , Lower Mainland County, BC , Can . Squamish Search and Rescue volunteers and BC Emergency Health Services personnel are also working with Squamish RCMP to locate the missing individual. The falls from the Squamish Valley Road : Details: Sigurd Creek makes a long twisting descent down a broad rocky face into the Squamish Valley. Crooked Falls sits along the Siguard Creek Trail located in Upper Squamish. Understandably so as Crooked Falls hike is not an easy one, and is not considered to be a “touristy” location. And of course, there are the actual Crooked Falls, which are BIG. Directions to Crooked Falls Hike (Sigurd Trail Trailhead) The Basics. Crooked Falls in Squamish, B.C. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Squamish to the trailhead. The trailhead to get to Crooked Falls Hike is tricky to find. Heads up: This trails is in a sensitive wilderness area. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive) The medium- to hard-difficulty trail is located 36 km north of Squamish, about an hour and a half drive from downtown Vancouver. The Crooked Falls Hike in Squamish is an awesome trail that takes you through old growth forests, has insane aerial views of the glacial blue Squamish River and an epic waterfall at the end of it all. Learn how to Leave No Trace before you go to keep the wilderness wild. Experience the magical waterfall on the Crooked Falls hike, located in Upper Squamish. No Known Alternate Names . Crooked Falls is probably a hike you’ve never been to, or maybe not even heard of. Crooked Falls. The falls sit at an elevation of 490 metres. The bulk of the commute is on the paved Squamish Valley Road. With spectacular views along the way and … Welcome to Crooked Falls in Squamish! This was my first time doing this hike. The Views of Crooked Falls. Crooked Falls is located off the Sigurd Trail in the Upper Squamish Valley. The Crooked Falls hike is about six kilometers roundtrip and takes approximately three hours. Introducing your new favourite hike: Crooked Falls. No, scratch that, they’re not just big, but HUGE. Wander through peaceful forests on this challenging hike, then take in the beautiful view of the Sigurd Creek tumbling down the mountain face. The Crooked Falls hike has an amazing viewpoint over the Upper Squamish Valley. This Squamish trail has been only recently “discovered to the public” and brought to light by one of our local bloggers. Comments about Crooked Falls. There is no cell service in this area or on the hike so ensure you have the details saved on your phone or navigation system. There is no cell service in the area and an update will be issued by the police later. From Squamish, you’re looking at about a 36 km trip to the Sigurd Trail Trailhead. Crooked Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in the Upper Squamish Valley just off of the Sigurd Trail. Make sure you are prepared for an emergency by bringing the 10 Essentials on every hike. 4x4 is not required. Rescued hikers vow to be more prepared after wrong turn left them on difficult trail after dark. Crooked Falls is located in Squamish and takes about 3 hours return. The Last 2.5 km is on a well maintained gravel Forest Service Road (Ashlu Rd).

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